Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Coffee Koozie with Fat Quarter Shop

Hello everyone!!

Guess what?! Fat Quarter Shop is at it again with one of their oh so cute tutorials!  This time it is for a "Coffee Koozie"! Let me just tell you, it's WAY cuter than those brown ones that you get at a coffee shop or gas station!! ;)

I chose to use fabric from Kate Spain's line, Daydream.  The instructions advise to choose 12 squares that are 2.5" x 2.5"... that proved to be a bit difficult since I LOVED every piece in this line!  

But, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do... so here is my Coffee Koozie! 

As you can see, my only dilemma was not just the fabric.. choosing just the right Aurfil thread was just as difficult.... 

I finally decided to go with the teal.  You can never go wrong with teal, right? ;)

And here it is completed and on the cup of my favorite drink... White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha!!! Mmmmmm... So so cute, don't you think?

If you want to make your own, you can click here for the pattern.... 


You can watch this video tutorial! I suggest both. ;)

Enjoy making this!! It's a great gift and you can make them really quick!! 

Much Love!!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

One Million Pillowcase Blog Hop

Hello my friends!!! 

Today I am here to tell you about the One Million Pillow Case Challenge!! I am sure you have heard of it before and if you haven't, let me tell you a bit about it!

All People Quilt is heading up this challenge for all of us to make One Million Pillowcases and donate them to charities that need them! We all love pretty things, right? So lets share our creativity and our pretty things with those that need them more than we do! 

Please head on over to All People Quilts post about this challenge! Not sure how to make a pillow case?? They have that covered too! They have FREE Patterns you can use as a guide or to follow! 

I hope you will join us all in reaching this goal! It is so important to give back and to bring cheer into someones life! 

I used the basic pillowcase pattern and adjusted it a bit so I could use my Sizzix Tumbler die for the border! I also used the delicious Cotton and Steel fabric from Melody Miller plus a few basics.  The pattern called for a strip 10" x 41" and my tumbler die measured in at 5" before piecing.  So to make it 10" I cut a piece of matching solid fabric 6" x 41" and sewed the pieces together.   Cutting it at 6" allowed for a bit of trim to peek through. I love the effect!

I also highly encourage you to go check out these other bloggers that are participating in the blog hop to see what they created!! Inspiration is invaluable and this group of quilters have some amazing talent!!!

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Kelle Boyd of Ann Kelle
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Timeless Treasures: Sew Timeless
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Before you go, check out this video too!! Its a 24 hour sew in! Check with your local quilt shops to see if they are participating!

Much Love!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hip to be Square Pillow Cover Tutorial

Hello lovelies!! 

I had gotten my hands on Emily Herrick's new line called Rustique for Michael Miller and decided to make a pillow cover with it.  If you were observant, it made it's way into my NEW blog header!

I always seem to use a fabric line plus white or a light neutral.  When I decided to make this pillow I didn't want to add any fabrics to it because the colors are so pretty and the design didn't need the white.  

In other words, I'm using small projects to force myself out of the "white" habit...lol! 

Here is the pillow I made!  It's made using the Sizzix Big Shot machine and one Half Square Triangle die to cut all the pieces.  

The full tutorial can be found over on the Sizzix Blog! I hope you will check it out! 

Oh, I also added a link a the top of my blog under the header for links to all my Sizzix Tutorials too! That way they will be easy for you to find.  Of course, the other Quilt Tutorial link is there too. :) 

Much Love!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tidbit Tuesday #46 - Binding Thread

Gasp! Another tidbit!

This one comes from an issue I was having while binding and I was getting so frustrated!! Let me explain...

When I bind, I like to use Aurifil 40 weight thread (the green spool).  I cut off a long piece, thread it through the needle, match ends, and tie a knot.  This way my needle doesn't fall off (those hurt to sit on, by the way) and I have secure binding.

What kept happening is after a few stitches, my threads would somehow become uneven and I'd get loops where my stitches were.  I'd have to go back and fix them.

Does this happen to you?

What I did to fix it is simple.  After  you thread your needle, match the ends and tie the knot. At this point the thread by the needle is loose. This allows the needle to slide wherever it wants to.

Now, hold the knot in one hand and the needle in another. Stretch it so that the needle is exactly in the middle.  Pinch the threads at the needle and tie a knot right below your needle.  This way the needle stay right in place!!

No more loops!!

Hope this helps someone else too!

Much Love!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Fun Sizzix Quilt Tutorial

Hello my quilty friends!! 

I have another fun project to share with you today! 

I did a quilt tutorial over on the Sizzix blog.  I called her Summer Fun because it sort of reminds me of beach balls! 

The things that I love the most about this quilt is that it is super easy to put together and the design can be for a male or female with the right fabrics!!

The fabrics I used here are from Emma's Garden.  A line by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller. :)

If you make one please be sure to share it with me!! I love to see all the projects made with my patterns!!! 

Much Love!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mini Quilt Tutorial - Sizzix

Hello my fabric loving friends!! 

Remember when I told you that I am a Design Team member for Sizzix and I would be doing tutorials a few times a month?  

Well today is Tutorial Numero Uno (#1)! 

I just want to say that I am sooooo excited to be working with Sizzix.  What an amazing group of people and the company is amazing!! 

Also, they gave me a coupon code for you to use on their site!! It is good for 15% off of your regular priced purchase on Sizzix.com.  They can not be used in combination with other discounts. Just plug in the coupon code SZ9B and the discount will show!! This code is good until the end of the 2014 year so purchase away! 

Fabric is Emma's Garden by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller Fabrics

My first tutorial is a simple and quick one! I did it as a mini quilt to use as a table topper but you could easily make this into a pillow too! Or a doll quilt or add more blocks to make a baby quilt.. the possibilities are endless!!! 

Lets begin by what you will need for supplies.  

4.  Two fat quarters of fabric for the background
5.  16 Scraps at least 4.5" square for the circles
6.  Backing that is at least 20" x 20"
7.  Binding strips

Project finishes at approximately 18" x 18". 

Step 1: Take the fat quarters and cut out 16 squares that are 5" using the die in #3. I used two different yellows. You could use any combination you want. :)

To do so, lay a standard cutting pad, then the die (face up), then the fabric, and then another standard cutting pad

REMEMBER:  You can cut up to 8 layers of fabric using this die.  Fold your fat quarter in such a way to get 8 layers, and you will only need to make 2 cuts/passes in the Big Shot! Awesome time saver!!!

Step 2:  Lay them out in a 4 x 4 grid and sew them into rows using a 1/4" seam.  Press each row seams in opposite directions.  (Example: Row 1 press seams to the right.  Row 2, press seams to the left.  This will allow the seams to next when sewing together.) Sew the rows together.  Press well. 

Step 3:  Cut out 16 circles using the die listed as #2 in the supply list.  Use the larger 4" circle and your scraps or you can do as I did and use fabrics from the same line. 

Step 4:  Lay a circle in each square so it is pleasing to your eye.  

Step 5:  In this step, I used Elmer's Washable School Glue to glue baste my circles on my background.  I also used an ultra fine tip to produce a very thin line of glue.  

Lay down a fine line of glue about a quarter inch in from the edge of the circle.  Lay the circle back in its place ensuring it is centered.  Then heat set with a DRY iron.  You only need to keep the iron on for a few seconds.  

Note:  You can also use pins in place of glue or any basting method you prefer. 

Step 6:  Once all the circles are tacked down, sew 1/4" around the inside edge of each circle.  Make sure you back stitch at the beginning and end of your stitching!  This is raw edge appliqué so after some time, the edges will be come frayed giving it a "worn" look.  Don't worry, the stitching will keep your circle in place though! 

Step 7:  Layer your top, batting and backing and baste using your favorite method.  

Step 8:  Quilt as desired.  

Step 9:  Add your binding and display to your liking! 

I thought it might even be fun as a display mat for my Big Shot!! After all, it matches quite nicely and I think she deserves her own mat! ;)

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!  If you make one of your own, please do share with me! I love to see projects that you make using my tutorials!! 

Much love!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Kids on the Block

Good day my friends!! 

I am so excited to share my two new patterns with you today!!! I have so enjoyed the process of designing and making each of these quilts!!! I've actually made Cosmic Delight twice and I could make Harmony a hundred times over!! 

Let me show you both, then I will tell you a bit about each. 

Cosmic Delight....

Cosmic Delight is a pattern I made that offers SIX different sized quilts in baby to king sized.  The pattern is in full color no matter if you purchase the PDF or the paper booklet (coming soon).  I made mine in Ansonia by Denyse Schmidt for Freespirit Fabrics with Kona Snow as the background fabric. This does require the ruler, Wrights®/EZ Tri Recs Quilting Ruler, which can be purchased at a lot of local quilt shops and tons of places on line! It is a very versatile ruler so you won't only use it for this quilt. :)

and Harmony ... 

Harmony is another quilt I designed with multiple sizes included.  This one has SEVEN sizes ranging from baby to king!! This pattern is also in full color no matter if you purchase the PDF or the booklet (coming soon).  This quilt I wanted to be fun and cheery so I chose to use Vintage Happy by Lori Holt for Riley Blake and I love this quilt so much!! 

This quilt also uses a ruler, Easy Circle Ruler by EZ Quilting, OR I have included a template in the pattern that can also be used if you don't want to use the ruler.  Normally this would be pieced using templates for each piece and then curved piecing.  I've chosen to alter it by using raw edge appliqué for the half circles so it will have a bit of a scruffy look once washed! So cute! 

I hope you love these quilts as much as I do!!! They were so fun to make!! 

As always, Darla Padilla quilted them for me!! She is such a gem! Love her!

Here are the covers so you can also see requirements for fabric and available sizes in each. 

PDF Patterns available in my shop HERE
PRE ORDER the paper copies in my shop HERE
Order PDF on Craftsy Here
Or if you like Etsy, you can get it HERE

Much Love!!!

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