Saturday, March 1, 2014

Turnovers Pattern Correction

Hello friends!

I am unfortunately writing this post due to an error in my Turnovers pattern that was brought to my attention today. Of course when I saw the email I jumped right on it to see what happened and I figured out I did some math wrong. Ugh.   

I feel horrible.  I go over and over and over my patterns to make sure they are accurate. I have testers as well but sometimes things are just missed.  Its a fact of life and human error. 

I have since corrected the mistake and I am working with all of my PDF distributers to ensure they have the most current and corrected copy and all future prints of Turnovers will have the corrected information.  However, if you have an old PDF version or a print copy, please use the below corrections when you make your quilt.  

The error comes in on page 1 in the cutting of the background strips.  Please use the below corrections:

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask me.  These corrections do not change the amount of yardage needed on the back cover. 

I appreciate that this was pointed out to me so if there is ever a mistake in my patterns, or any pattern for that matter, please reach out to the writer.  We won't know there is an error if it's not brought to our attention. 

Much Love!!!


  1. Oooh thirty lashes with a wet noodle for me! Sorry I missed this!! Good for you making the corrections so quickly!!

    1. Noooo no no no! This was before you began testing for me Sarah!! Promise!


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