Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bad Blogger Award + Input Request

I have an announcement.  

I hereby with 100% of my heart, award myself with the Bad Blogger Award. I hadn't realized that it has been over two months since I've blogged. Ugh. *hangs head in shame*

I feel that Instagram is partly to blame. It seems ever since that nifty little program came along, blogging has become more and more difficult.  Instagram is quicker and loaded with eye candy... it kinda puts blogs on the back burner, for readers as well as writers. Of course, this is only my personal opinion. Take it for what it's worth. 

Now that I've accepted this "Award" I'm embracing it and I am planning to do something about it so it is not awarded to me again. ;)  

One of the things I have been toying with is doing book reviews.  I have been approached by a publisher to begin doing book reviews and I'm very excited to be doing some.  This is where YOU come in though... I need your help.  

In doing these reviews I want to be sure they are helpful. So, I need to know when you are reading a book review, what do you like to see?  What do you look for in a review? What don't you want or look for? 

If you'd like to see book reviews, please leave a comment so I know you are interested in them, first off. Then, if you could help a girl out by answering the questions above so I know what you want to see in a book review. Then we both win. :) 

Much Love!!!


  1. I like reviews that tell me how many patterns are in the book, what skill level and HOW CREATIVE! It seems like EVERYONE has a quilt book out and the ones I've flipped through I've thought "really you put that simple pattern in a book?" I want bang for my bucks, I don't buy books just to buy I buy them so I can make projects out, even though that doesn't happen very quickly.
    Also so many book reviews show stock photos of the book so if multiple bloggers do reviews I see the SAME photos over and over, I'm sure it has something to do with copyright. But if I'm going to buy a book and only see 3 quilts from it but there are 15 patterns its a crap shot what the other 12 look like and I'm most likely not going to buy.

  2. I agree. I will not buy a book after only seeing the over. I want to see most or all of the projects. I too am disappointed to see a book with a pattern I can find three variations of with a tutorial.

  3. Oh, I thought I was going to win the bad blogger award!

    In book reviews, I like to know how comprehensive the instructions are, not necessarily with lots of pics, but also with words that clearly explain the process (I bought a pattern recently where the stitched words should have been enlarged to fit the border. Using the supplied printed sheet made the words too small to fit around the edges and it didn't look like the pattern on the cover) .

    I also like to know and see if the book has pics of the quilts laying flat so I can see the whole design and not just part of a folded quilt on a chair. I too like to see every design to determine if the book is good value.

  4. I like look reviews that give an honest opinion of the directions and complexity of the patterns.

  5. Is it going to be quilt book reviews or just novel type books that you will be reviewing?

  6. There are so many books on the market these days and it is really tough to decide where to spend your dollars so I like to see a good overall review with lots of photos to show me what I'd be getting if I buy it.

  7. I assumed it would be quilt/sewing books you would be reviewing. If not….oops. :)

  8. I like to read book reviews. I like quilting books that don't just have patterns in them and then the general instructions section. I like books that have lots of interesting anecdotes, information, ideas, in depth analysis etc as well as well photographed and explained patterns. I also like to see the back of the quilt and a close up of the quilting. I really want to know what inspired the designer to design the quilt and how they went through the process and why. Thanks

  9. When I'm trying to decide whether to purchase a book, I have a "three-gasp" criteria. Does it make me gasp at least three times while I'm looking at the patterns? Are there at least three things in the book I can't wait to make? So in a review, I'm looking for that kind of info. Also, I'm interested to know if the reviewer has actually tried one or more of the patterns, to see if the instructions are easy to follow and complete. And I prefer books that aren't half full of stuff I already know, the basics of quilting. New content is important. If you're going to tell me basics, there should be a reason for it! And pictures - show me the best of what's in the book! Make me want to buy it!


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