Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Do You Pinterest

Pinterest is no secret. 

We all have found ourselves spending hours scouring it for that perfect recipe or cleaning remedy. Ever look for a new quilt pattern or maybe you're looking for a new puppy and want to measure cuteness. It's like a one stop shop with distractions bigger Channing Tatum dancing in Magic Mike. ((Ahem... ))

Um...what was I talking about...

Oh yeah, Pinterest. 

You might notice that if you hover over my pictures now you will see a little Pinterest Icon show up in the upper right hand corner! If you click that, you can pin that photo directly to your Pinterest account! Wowza!  No more choosing from all the pictures on that given page. You only post what you click! I love it! 

Do you have your own blog that you'd like to set up like this? It's not too bad, but you do have to have some basic knowledge of editing the template in your blog. 

I followed a tutorial over at Blogger Sentral where Greenlava makes it pretty straight forward. Go ahead and give it a peek... Click HERE for the tutorial. 

Here are just a "few" of my favourite things on Pinterest. ((Ahem....))

Don't follow me? You can look me up under KarrieLyne

Much Love!!!


  1. I'll have to check out your "Easy on the Eyes" board. Purely for intellectual research you understand. And also to see if there's anyone I missed ;P

  2. Had a good look on shop site and love the Tula bird abd bees line... All the fabric is gorgeous though :-)

    I have also liked on FB and shared on instagram


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