Sunday, July 21, 2013


Last but certainly not least, let me tell you a bit more about Darling. 

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I saw Heather Ross' new line called Briar Rose and instantly fell in love.  Can you blame me?

I wanted to do a design that had larger blocks so I could capture the details in this fabric. Smaller blocks tend to smaller pieces, and sometimes you lose the features of the fabric.  I wanted to showcase this line! 

So... the blocks in this quilt are 16" and has pinwheels. Both yield to showing off this adorable line. Granted, whether you use this line or another, it will look beautiful! AND... make just one more block and you can make a pillow to match!!

Getting shots of this quilt was a bit of a trick. The wind was a bit pesky that day, but we made do. Even had a few laughs. 

I hope you think this quilt is as Darling as I think it is. :)

Much Love!!!


  1. I really like this pattern! I'll have to think about that fabric line. It looks great.

  2. The pattern is great. Love the name. I am on vacation in Florida, so no sewing but there is a bundle of half yards cuts f Briar Rose waiting for me at home. Can't wait to see it. Mary

  3. Very cute pattern and I love the photo shoot. I hope to FMQ and finish up the Briar Rose quilt top that I made recently.


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