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A bit ago I introduced you to my new little friend.  I thought it only fair to come back and tell you a bit more after test driving it for a while. 

Straight up, I don't like to iron. I don't really know why.  It's not difficult. I'd just rather be sewing. 

I've had several irons over the past few years. I say several loosely, as they were really all the same iron, it just had to be replaced because it kept breaking. By breaking I mean puking.  ALL. OVER. MY. FABRIC.  You know, right? You are happily ironing that nearly completed quilt top and all of a sudden  your iron sounds like a dragon breathing fire. You lift your "dragon" up and see brown streaks all over your top. Not cool. 

Enough was enough. 

Enter Oli-Sew Perfect. 

I have found my iron-mate. 

She is quiet. She doesn't breathe fire. Or SPIT! (very important for a lady)  She also doesn't leave brown stains everywhere she goes! Oh, and she is this perfect shade of yellow. It's not so bright that you need to wear sunglasses, yet it's not so muted it looks cream colored. Also, it reminds me of pineapple flavoured Starbursts. 

It's not your typical iron because you don't set it on it's heel.  You leave it horizontal. When you touch it (even with just one finger), it lowers flat.  When you let go, it raises back up. It's impossible to scorch your fabric. Unless of course you stand there holding the iron. This does take some getting used to. Five minutes, tops!

The first few times I turned around to my iron laying horizontal on my fabric, I ran in Lightning McQueen speed to prevent my house from burning down, all the while she sat there laughing at me. The fabric wasn't even hot. She's smart. 

She also gives you perfectly flat seams.  Front. 

And Back! ( ** Swoon ** )

With my previous irons, I was under the misconception that the more holes in the plate, the better.  So I got a Professional brand name iron that had recessed holes everywhere. Not good for quilting, I found out. That flat plate is what gives you those beautiful seams. It's difficult to press flat with so many holes. Plus it gives out too much steam.  Oli-Sew Perfect has just the right amount of vents for quilters and they are not recessed like in typical irons. The entire plate is flat! Score!

She has a sense of humor, too. If you happen to set her on her backside, she will stick her tongue out at you!! Silly goose!

How does your iron stack up? 

(the above photo has nothing to do with the iron but it's just so pretty.  I thought I'd include some eye candy.  You're welcome.)

So, if you're fed up.  If you've had enough and you're tired of fighting that big bad dragon, head to the nearest store and grab up an Oliso smart iron. 

You.  Will. Love. It!

P. S.  I actually kind of like to iron now. 

Much Love!!!


  1. Thanks for the review... you have me convinced to get one of these irons!! The flat seams have sold me!!

  2. I've had my Olisa for going on 4 years now & have loved it so much.
    The only downside to it I have encountered is having to buy distilled water for it since I have hard water & the salt we have to add would collect on the plate of the iron. Since switching to distilled water I haven't had the issue.
    I am jealous of the perfect yellow one - mine is blue :)
    Thanks for the review.

  3. Thanks for the review... this product is on my I want list and has been for awhile. Only problem is it is three times my monthly budget and joann's doesn't let you use coupons on irons. Maybe I should just ask for it for x-mas :)

  4. I got this same iron for my birthday last year and I love it. It is the best iron for quilters.

  5. I need to get this iron ..I always have iron issues. Thanks for the tips.

  6. I had an oliso, a grey and orange one, that was good for a few years, maybe four?. Then the lights went crazy, the lifter would not retract and there was no heat. Only way to get it to work was to unplug then plug it back in. Then it wouldn't work at all! So $200.00 gone. Now it use a panasonic that is about 10-15 yrs old (with no water) and it works great. So good luck with your model.

  7. I love the iron! I found though that when ironing my hubby's shirts, if I do six or more at one time, the iron loses power and heat and the legs do not retract. I unplug, give it a rest, and its back again. Also, it is real important to follow instructions. My model is not meant for distilled water at all, and says to use normal tap water. The iron needs to be turned off and then drained between uses. They have these at Costco on road shows from time to time, and they are around $ 100.00. I have a hard time now using any other iron, as I love this one!!!

  8. The lifter on mine became a difficulty. Several times I couldn't get them to retract at all. Even switched the button at the bottom but no-go. It was nice while it lasted.


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