Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Have You Heard?

There is this really cool place. 

If you haven't been there, you'll wish you had. 

If you have, you'll definitely will want to go back! 

What is this place, you ask? 

They have all sorts of stuff there. 

Quilting Classes - Once you purchase a class you will always have access to them.  Whenever. Where ever.  Forever. 

Patterns of all sorts - Quilting patterns, knitting patterns, crochet, jewelry, paper crafts, even cake decorating!! patterns are out there, too! 

A project section where you can upload photos of the projects you've completed.

A supplies section where you can buy fabric and supplies you may need! We ALL need more fabric! 

So what are you waiting for??!! 

Head on over to Craftsy and have a look around.  If you haven't made an account yet, go ahead and do that too.  It's super easy and you won't regret it. 

Once you've been there, tell me what you found.  Is there a class you'd really really love to take? 

Online Quilting Classes


  1. I think I have already purchased five or six classes. I love them. I can go back and revisit any time I want to. I have also found the cutest bag patterns and paper pieced quilt block patterns.

  2. I would love to take the Quick-Strip Paper Piecing class by Peggy Martin...

  3. I love Craftsy and have taken a bunch of classes. Just waiting for them to put out more modern quilting classes!


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Happy Quilting!

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