Saturday, April 6, 2013

First Pattern Release!!!

I have an announcement...Ohhhhh I am sooo excited I can hardly stand it.....Hahah!

You probably guessed by my post title that I have been working very diligently on a few patterns and they are done, done, done!! Not only are they done, but I am releasing them as my first three patterns for my pattern company!!! Hooray!!! 

I am so very excited about this new venture and I hope you love the patterns as much as I do! 

So with out further ado, I bring you my patterns:::



Fifteen Degrees:

For the next two weeks I am offering them at a discounted rate. You can purchase 1 for 10% off, 2 for 15% off, or all three for 20% off!!

Purchase 1 pattern and save 10% - Use Code FRECKLED10

Purchase 2 patterns and save 15% - Use Code FRECKLED15

Purchase 3 patterns and save 20% - Use Code FRECKLED20

They are being offered as a paper copy, shipped with in 1-2 business days from date of payment for $1, or you can get a nearly immediate download in PDF format too! The discount applies to either format! 

Head on over to my shop HERE or you can click the SHOP button over in the left sidebar. (:

I would love to hear your thoughts about the patterns and when you make one of them, please add it to the flickr pool for Freckled Whimsy!

Oh, and tell your friends!! (:

Much Love!!!


  1. Congratulations on publishing your patterns. They are wonderful!

  2. Congratulations!! Love the Turnover pattern, I think I can do that one!! Just got two of the patterns,thanks for the discount.

  3. Congratulations! And ooh, what turnovers made with, yardage or precuts? Just so I can keep it in my when I see the perfect FQ set, or layer cake, or whatever. ;)

  4. They look fantastic KarrieLyne!! Congrats!!

  5. Congratulations, Karrie! They look fabulous (PS if you ever need a pattern tester, drop me a line!)

  6. Awesome! I just ordered all three!!

  7. I love the 15 degress pattern, congrats on the patterns

  8. Big time, absolutely huge, congratulations!! Yay you! :)

  9. Oh, girl congrats! I just purchased the catawampus. Absolutely love that!! Thanks for a wonderful new pattern with a spin on the Irish Chain. I have always said I was going to do an Irish chain quilt, but this will be a great take on that pattern.

  10. I love Catawampus! I Will need to buy it. Your Freckled Whimsy was one of my first practice doing some straight line quilting on my own and I used it for a mini project. Have always wanted to go back and do the real size. Wonderful work!

  11. Great patterns!! Congrats on the releases :)

  12. Lovely designs. My readers at FaveQuilts would enjoy these. : )


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