Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am beginning to think that I may need help. 

Normally, I don't buy fabric that doesn't already have a purpose. Meaning, if I don't have a project to make with it at time of purchase, I don't get it. Weird, right? 

Don't get me wrong. I admire, truly admire and drool over anyone that has a stash of gorgeous fabrics of all styles and colors. I've just never worked toward one of my own because, well, mainly because I thought I might get overwhelmed and feel I HAD to use them up to justify my spending and I'd never have enough time in a day to do that. Say it with me... LAME-O! Hahaha!!

All in all I still do feel that way. I hate the thought of spending all that money for it to just sit there and not get used and possibly someday get put in the "what on earth was I thinking pile" some day! If I love it, I get it and use it. 

Until lately....I've been bad. 

Remember when I bought this? 

Yeah, I still have no idea what to make with it. Although a few of them are worked into a tutorial that will be coming soon. :D

But that's not why I've been bad.....

This is why...

Joel Dewberry's Aviary 2. I saw it and then the next thing I knew I was scouring Etsy for the full fat quarter bundle. It somehow ended up in my cart and then paid for with Pay Pal and then in my mail box.

Um. How did that just happen? Again?! No plans. Just had to have it! I mean LOOK at it! Purples, and yellows, and oranges, and greens, and browns, and teals....*faints*!

I guess that's why...{{sheepish grin}}! So many fun yummy lines out there that get gobbled up and when I decide I need them for a project, I can't get them. Not anymore, apparently. I guess my subconscious has taken over so that it won't happen anymore. That's believable, right? ;)

To the drawing board I go.....

Much Love!!!


  1. I saw that same line and loved it too, but by the time I thought maybe I should have some, Pink Chalk sold out, but Julie will save the day as she has ordered some for her shop {{sigh}}. Enjoy them!

  2. OMG...exactly what I was thinking. I do the late night drool and then a week later there is a mysterious package in my mailbox. Hmmm...I could sew day and night and not use all my fabrics. But lately I have been using more and more. I am a sewing maniac right now! So inspired by so many blogs. Good luck fighting the buying addiction.

  3. I do the same thing! I only buy as I need. Then I did a job for a lady and she wanted to pay me via paypal...I signed up an account...the next thing I know my paypal is empty and I had to refill it then I realize I have fabric I don't need, I have no idea where it came from (rolls eyes)
    But I loved getting the packages in the mail...can we get a big squuueaaalll That fresh new fabric, so many possibilities, a blank slate...I think I'll just stare at it some more.
    And you are total justified for that last purchase...gorgeous, I absolutely love those colors. I would have bought a yard of each fabric if my paypal wasn't over-maxed.

  4. Oh I have the same gremlin that pushes the cart, clicks the pay and then the brown truck appears; I swear it's magic (evil giggle). I wished I was a disciplined as you....I see it. I like it. I buy it. Although since our local quilt store closed I've been behaving myself (evil giggle again)

  5. Well see I think all of us started out just like you. Only buy what we will use now. Before you know what happened, you clean your room, and you have an entire bookshelf full of fabric that you can legally call your stash. It happens to the best of us, welcome to the beginning of your stash!

  6. I used to be like that, then my friend taught me to start building my stash. Now I am hopeless. I need to get back to curtailing my purchases. But like you, then I kick myself because I can't get what I want when I need it. What a conundrum!

  7. Ooo those are beautiful fabrics! I am the same as you, if I don't have a project in mind for a certain fabric(s), I don't get them. It's sort of more of a necessity in my case, though, because my monthly sewing budget is only $25 (unless I sell something to get it up higher, lol). :-P

  8. Those little birdies just love to take flight because I had that same bundle jump into my etsy cart just yesterday ;)

  9. Oh no!!!! I am like you - I only buy fabric for a purpose, but just this morning I was on Etsy, looking at Aviary 2, chanting to myself "I really can't buy this, I really can't buy this..."
    You are tempting me to the dark side! ;-)

  10. You're in trouble now that you've started down the stash road! Mine is fairly out of control...stored in two spare bedrooms, the attic, and a little in my bedroom. Scratch that, it's totally out of contol!

  11. Personally, I can't wait to see what you come up with out of that bundle!!! So get to work! {cracks whip with a smile!}

  12. I am obsessed with this line too. So far I have managed to not buy any yet. Of course that is because I am broke. LOL

  13. I love that! The purple and yellow swirly print (totally a technical name) would be perfect for little girl Easter dresses.

  14. Ohhhh, this is SO me! I am fairly new to quilting, and I've taught myself by reading blogs (like this one). Which means I am so SO smitten with all of the beautiful rare or out of print (cough cough FMF) fabric that I cannot get my hands on! So even though I mostly just buy for the specific project at hand, I can't help but think, "If I don't buy this now, it will be all gone except for the $25/scrap pieces on Ebay!"

    Moral of the story is, I bought a half yard of the yellow lodge lattice on Etsy yesterday, and I'm seriously thinking about going back for the woodgrain in every color.

  15. I like the grey Aviary fabric line. It is soooo pretty.

  16. I've had my eye on this line as well, especially the grey/cream/gold. Love all of it and have been checking it on Hawthorne Threads, just to make sure it's still there. I have a feeling it will be in my mailbox soon.

  17. I've got no help for you. I bought some Aviary 2 this week... as I've been feeling a bit better. :)

    they're just too pretty. :)

  18. Beautiful fabrics. I'm sure you will create something that they'll look even better in.


  19. just how that somehow happens. haha!! Have fun!


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