Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday #39

**tap tap tap**

Is this thing on? 

I promised I'd be back today for a really great tip! I really wish I was the genius that thought of this, but I wasn't. Bummer dude! LOL. :) 

Nope, this tip, as far as I know, originated over at Red Pepper Quilts (amazing blog by the way) but I first saw it on my buddy Ann's blog called Renegade Quilter.

We are quilters, so we quilt. This part is not my favourite part of putting a quilt together but I am getting better at it. However, I still look for ways to try and make this easier on me because it is a lengthy process.

Those quilts can be slippery little suckers and you need something to get a grip so you can quilt away. No way could I quilt a quilt with just my bare hands. I normally use these cute little purple gloves that have rubber knobbies on the finger tips. Those did work, for the most part, but it was difficult to get a really good grip to move the quilt along. Not only that, they were kind of pricey. 

So the tip today is to go out to your local hardware store and get yourself a pair of these babies, or something of the like. 

Mine came from Menards (these are not everywhere but its a store like Home Depot) for $3!!! Any hardware store should have something like it. Maybe even Wal-Mart or Target, but I've not looked there. They are a knit glove and the palms and fingers are a rubbery surface. 

See all that crinkly goodness? That is what grabs a hold of your quilt and make quilting sooooo much easier!!

I admit, they are not the prettiest things you will ever wear, but don't worry. It's not like I'll be behind you taking pictures of you in your silly mits.....*crosses fingers behind back*. ;)

A couple of suggestions to go along with these is to get a pair that fits as snug as you can stand. If you get a pair that is too loose, you won't have the control you need. If they are too tight, well blood won't circulate to your fingers and that is, well....that's bad. So don't get them too tight. :)

Oh, and just to prove that I haven't been a complete nincompoop in the sewing department....

I have been working on a cute little project in Max & Whiskers by Basic Grey for Moda.  More on that soon!

Much Love!!!


  1. I can't imagine wearing gloves to quilt! I never have and I don't feel like I have issues moving the quilt, but I wonder if they would make it even easier. I almost want to get a pair to see what it's like. :)

  2. That is what use. Gardening gloves. Super cheap. Mine are a lovely yellow with an odd green rubbery bit. They look totally crazy but they work like a dream!

  3. I used to use these gloves for gardening and loved the fact that I could feel things through them - no loss of sensation. So I have a feeling they'd be great for quilting! But I think I'd better get a new pair, without the mud! Thanks for the tip..... PS Glad to see you back in blogland - it hasn't been the same without you!

  4. I have been sorely tempted by Max and Whiskers myself. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  5. Ha! This is funny...I just bought a pair on Saturday at my local Ace Hardware store!
    I sew need to practice my FMQ.

  6. diana young1@irtc.netMarch 8, 2011 at 9:28 PM

    got my carpet blades work great in my fiskars
    i also use gloves to quilt bought a pair of those cheap 1.50 for 2 pair you know the ones that look like kid gloves and a bottle of puff paint and get creative let dry and you have a pair of quilting gloves

  7. Yes! I have been using gardening gloves to quilt for awhile ... was so excited that Target is selling them in their Dollar Spot this year ... I bought 5 pairs :] I just blogged about this last week ... along side when I blogged about my awesome new rotary cutter blades! Ha!

  8. Those are the exact gloves I use and they are wonderful.

  9. where was this tip before I bought the purple-y knobby gloves???? LOL!! I love being able to "get a grip", too!! LOVE love love your sneaky peak!!

  10. Thanks for the tip, I will add that to my list for my next trip to Duluth along with the carpet blades. Love those tidbits.

  11. How funny is that! I was thinking about these gloves today. I have seen them in quilt stores and often wondered if getting a pair from the hardware store would be any diffrent. Thank Karrie Lyne!

  12. I'm amazed at what a difference the gloves make!

  13. I just bought a pair of gardening gloves (with a lot of little green dots on them - polkadot gloves!) on monday :) I can't believe I haven't used them before, they make a huge difference!

  14. I never thought I would wear gloves but after fighting with a quilt yesterday I am determined to get me a pair like this the next time I see them in a store!!!

  15. sounds like a good tip...we have menyards...so I'll look for them...think I will get them for my sister-in-law too...she is a much better quilter than me.

  16. Just discovered your blog which I LOVE and will become a regular visitor - thanks for all the tips, tutorials, etc.
    I use gloves like this for quilting. Found I needed to cut the tips off the thumbs and forefingers to make removing the safely pins easier as I go :)

  17. Voy a estar contento con su sitio web. Gracias en cuanto que revela el conocimiento atesorado conmigo en la noche.


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