Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quiet As A Mouse

I have been as quiet as a mouse the last few days, huh? Come to think of it, mice are not always that quiet...hmmm...although I DO love cheese!! :D

I actually haven't had much time to do much sewing lately so that's one reason it's been quiet on the blog front. On top of that, our office is doing some reorganization and half of my team was affected. Which means half of the people I normally work with, will be shifted to a different department. I am glad that I wasn't one of the ones moved, but I am seriously going to miss those 5 people. Well, most of them anyway. ;) 

So I am sorry I haven't been here. Too much to do and too much stress lately but things should iron out over the next few weeks and you'll be begging me to shut up. Well...hopefully not that! 

I also know I missed Tidbit Tuesday again. Shame on me. I know. 

*hangs head*

But, I have a REALLY great one for the next Tuesday coming up!! I think you will like it because it's another money saver! Woot! 

So until then, let me leave you with this....hopefully you will get a chuckle out of it like I did. :)

Much Love!!!


  1. Colleague changes are not easy, but I'm glad you're ok. I'm still excited about last week's tidbit on the carpet cutting blades!

  2. Hey, hang in there! Have fun and don't sewat it. Lots to do everywhere! Be good. :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing the cute little video. I'm still trying to get to the pillow pattern that you posted on modabakeshop -- I pulled out the fabrics, but, life sometimes takes over... ;-) Anyhoo, this little bloggy thing should be the least of your worries! See you when you come back from your "retreat" -- hopefully things smooth out soon...

  4. My hubby would tell you that mice are definitely not quiet!! You have been missed, but isn't that nice to know? It would be terrible if no one noticed.... ;-) Hang in there!!

  5. Good luck on the work front, and we will be waiting till u are back in full force on the blog front=)

  6. always make me giggle! :o) I know what you're feeling like regarding work. Our office has had many shake-ups these past couple years. (((BIG HUG FOR YOU!)))

  7. I hope life slows down for you a bit, stess is no fun. I would never bed you not to post, I just love your fun way of writing and your amazing projects!

  8. It seems like everyone is a bit quiet these days. Don't worry about it, we all understand :)
    And work transitions are always hard and take quite some time to adjust to...
    Anyway, I will probably be busy with watching every simon's cat video there is, you got me hooked!

  9. I can't believe you have a full time job with all the things you do!!! You're amazing!

  10. hope things get a little easier for you... xx Cant wait to see your tid bit tuesday coming up xxx

  11. Thank you for sharing that video! My son and I had to find all the Simon's Cat videos after that and watch them all. Too cute!

  12. Just love Simon Tried to put it on my facebook but couldn't for some reason. Boo Woo


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