Friday, February 11, 2011

Hug Me :)

It's Friday!! Whoop Whoop!! I'm excited for this for two reasons..

1.  It has been super cold here this week...yesterday -15F. (BRRRRRR!) and this weekend it is supposed to get up in the 40's! Still cold but wayyyy better than -15F!

2. There is another tutorial for everyone to see by Julie (another gal from Amandas Design Team) over at The Quilted Fish! It is a darling bracelet made with the Sweet Divinity fabric line. So sweet! Click HERE to take you right to it! Make sure you check out her blog HERE afterwards. She has some other really really cute tutorials on her blog, including a super cute valentines frame!! :)

Have a fabulous Friday everyone!!! :)

Much Love!!


  1. It's really bad when we get excited about near-freezing temps - but I know exactly what you mean! It's 8 degrees here this morning - brrrr!

  2. diana young1@irtc.netFebruary 11, 2011 at 3:48 PM

    now i have to get out my jewelry making supplies i just finished painting the face on a valentine doll last night my quilting stuff hanging everywhere now i have to make a pillow for every quilt my step daughter is having a baby have to pake a pillow pocket for her ( max and whiskers we are dog people luv it keep em coming

  3. Thanks so much for pointing the way to the tutorial. What a great one! I can relate to getting excited about temps. Next week we have the possiblity of 50 degree weather...very unusual for northern Utah this time of year!

  4. Love, love, love the bracelet! Thanks for sending me to it. I just got an I-top button maker in the mail yesterday - quick way to make covered buttons! I love charm bracelets so this is a great way to play! Thanks so much! Your blog is adorable! julie

  5. It has been really cold here, too, but we don't have 40 degrees in our forecast! (We'd probably flood if we did...haha.) I just LOVED Julie's tutorial, too!

  6. I she have some spare time, my wife loves doing handmade jewelry. Some of it has been sold to her friends while she kept the remaining as her collection.

  7. I love DIY jewelries as well. I was able to create a pendant out of small cookie plastic and a small bulb. I put the cookie inside the bulb. It looks very fabulous. I wear it along with a sterling silver jewelry necklace.

  8. I sell gold jewelry for cash and as an expert in this industry I really like that Quilted Fish bracelet. I think I will buy that for keeps because its easy to pair up with fancy dresses.

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