Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday #35

Before I get to the tidbit for today, I just want to shout out a BIG thank you to those of you who have submitted tips to me!! They are a HUGE help because I surely cannot think of them all and I know we all have tips that make sewing easier and more fun!! So THANK YOU!! 

If I haven't posted yours yet, don't fret. I will. Promise! 

If you happen to have tips, please send them to me at karrielyne@gmail.com with the subject line reading TIPS and I will feature them here and give you all the credit! :D

Today's tip was sent to me by Wendy from Why Knot? who saw it in a newsletter from The Quilt Bear Quilt Shop!

To go to the newsletter, click HERE

I am going to admit a less than smart thing here, but I'm ok with that and why not give you all a chuckle, right? 

When I first read this I was like, "huh? what do you do after you cut the top off?". 

After I blankly stared at the photo for about 10 minutes I finally realized that after you cut the top off of the smaller spool...you put it INSIDE the larger one. That way it will fit on your spool holder! Genius!

I don't have a serger (pouts) and that is my excuse for my lameness. ;) 

Hope this helps some of you!!! Thanks Wendy for a great tip!!! 

Oh....do you remember this pillow?
Angel Pillow on It's Way

Yes? No? Well either way, come back tomorrow for a bit of a surprise...hee hee :D

Much Love!!!


  1. yes i remember that pillow... but i don't want to wait till tomorrow!!

  2. I love that pillow, what are you upto? :-)

  3. I never thought of cutting the top off - I just stuff a spool up there as is - which can be pretty frustrating when looking for that spool of yellow thread you KNOW you have! I finally found it the other day, stuffed up a serger spool!!

    And I love that pillow -what are you up to?????

  4. Okay. You've got me intrigued. Will definitely be back tomorrow to see what's up! Great pillow!

  5. I had no idea what to do with the smaller spool either .. love the pillow!

  6. LOL I love the pillow :) You bet I'll be back tomorrow!

    Now see, I skipped right over the 'serger' spool part and thought of my longarm thread ... there are just some colors I have on larger spools that I just have to have on my little machine ... lol. I like the comment about looking for a certain spool and then realizing it was 'up the inside' of the larger spool. That's so me!

    Thanks Karrie!!

  7. of course I remember that pillow! What's up girl??? (as the supplier of the fabric, I think I deserve an early hint). ;)

  8. That was a wonderful tip. I learned of that about a year ago when a friend of mine's father did that for his mother. I cut my spools in half though, so I get TWO from one old spool. I use serger thread to piece with, so I never run out!

  9. Just saw your tutorial at Stash Manicure :) Well done, you!

  10. I've used a similar technique. I once bought thread that had a slim wooden spool (about 1/2" x 2"). It only had a rim on the bottom of the spool. It fits nicely inside the cardboard spools of Coats & Clark (1200 Yds)


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