Sunday, January 16, 2011

Enabler Alert!

How did it get to be Sunday already?!! Yikes!! 

I've been a bad blogger. Haven't I Pat? (I'll take my lashings at the next stitch ~n~

I've been wanting to post some pictures of some fabrics that I ordered lately but by the time I get home it's dark, or nearly dark, and that does not make for good photos when you want to show off fabric. 

So...I made a point to take some photos this weekend! 

I don't normally buy fabric that I don't have a project laid out for (crazy I know!) but when I saw this line, I just couldn't resist. I mean look at those bikes!! Plus the fabric is teal and gray! I need to grab up a few solids and get a project in place for this yummy line! 

Introducing Michael Millers Baby Collection... (well some of it)

Have you seen Patty Young's new line, Sanctuary!? Oh. My. Gosh! I thought this was pretty on the screen but to see this in person....*faints*!  

I have a few projects planned for this line, so keep your eyes out for them. One as early as January 26th...*wink*. :)

Last but not least...I got my grubby (ok not really) little hands on this!!

*Squeeeee*! Look at that viewfinder print!! Melody Miller is the name behind this one! I had a "really" hard time finding this color! In case you're interested you can find it HERE and HERE. If you dig a bit more you may find additional places, but most places are sold out! The plan for this baby is to  make a catch all bag to take to the office. Oh, the solids are Essex linen. I've never worked with it before, but I hear its dreamy. :)

I hope all of you have had a fabulous weekend!! 

Chat soon!

Much Love!!!


  1. Any hope of you trading some of that Essex? I love it! :)

  2. Oh! What lovely fabric is coming out now! A new generation of choices! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Such pretty fabric to play with!

  4. I.Am.So.Jealous! Love the bicycles, Sanctuary is gorgeous, the viewmaster reels really speak to me, and I am dying to try Essex linen! Oh well, it's not that long until March!

  5. Oh, I love the Michael Miller! I have a good friend having a baby boy in May (I'm going to be the godmother!), so maybe I will look for that for a quilt for baby R!

  6. Oooh...I love the bicycles and the viewfinder fabric! I can't wait to see what you create! :)

  7. I have a bit of that MM but did NOT see the bikes... and I do have Sanctuary.... but I didn't even know the viewfinder fabric existed!

  8. I love that Michael Miller fabric and that viewfinder fabric. Just fabulous!

  9. I am thrilled to see the miller baby fabric! I've been looking for some good "baby boy" prints for a few baby gifts I need to start. Thanks for sharing...


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