Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brag Wall #1

My grandma used to have one of these. Tons of photos in frames of all her kids and grand-kids all compiled on one wall. She had bragging rights and she wanted to show them off. 

That's what I want to do here today, of sorts. 

I love writing tutorials for all of you but the fun part comes in when I see that someone has made a project from one of my tutorials! I get warm fuzzies every time!! I also love to see my patterns made up in different fabrics! It can give it a completely different look! :) 

So today I'm bragging about YOU! 

Below you will find photos of projects completed from my tutorials! Woo Hoo!! Just click on the photo to take you to the crafters page. :)
Eleanor's quilt
random reflections (2)

Random Reflection ~ Oh My Dog

Caribbean Reflections

Charm Pack Quilt Along

"Random Reflections" Quilt Top
Freckled Whimsy QAL
Charm Square Quilt Along


Random Reflections

Christmas Box

CPQA Quilt front

Random Reflections quilt

Charm Pack QA

random reflections quilt moda bake shop

Christmas pillowcase

Finished top charmpack quilt along

Random Reflection ~ Figgy Pudding

Tranquility Top 1

Flowers for Carol with Carol

Baby Quilt

Blush quilt finished

Random Reflections Quilt

Fruitcake Is Finished!

Random Reflections quilt

UFO # 4 Figgy charm quilt along

Charm Pack Quiltalong


Lollipop Boxed In Quilt

Night Stars front
Stained Glass front

Pocket Full of Pinwheels in Parisville

Random Reflections

Freckled whimsy Quiltalong


I also have this buddy who likes to make quilts from my tutorials too, but she doesn't have a Flickr or a blog and I want to brag her up too cuz, well, she's special in more ways than one. :D

Thank you so all of you!! 

If I somehow missed you, please add your photo to my Flickr Pool HERE so I can include you on my next brag wall!

Much Love!!!


  1. Wow! Look at that! I would be bragging too!

  2. Now how sweet is all of this?? They are ALL beautiful!!! But can I just tell you that now I REALLY need to get my charm pack quilt along done. :o) I had to set it aside because I had too many other projects that had to be finished. it's time to "let 'er rip!!!!" LOL

  3. So many lovely quilts to brag about! But, where's Autumn Strings?!! I just started cutting out a quilt last night, based on Autumn Strings...

  4. That's awesome!!! What a great idea and some good inspiration. Thanks!

  5. That must make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!! I know it certainly makes me smile!!

  6. WOW! That is some brag wall! I just had my first person email me photos of one of my tutes - and I was estatic. You must be overjoyed to see that collection.

    AnneMarie @ Gen X Quilters

  7. Wahoo!!! How much fun to see what you inspired others to complete. Enjoy!

  8. you have sure inspired a lot of people, including me.I'll be sending you my photos as soon as I'm finished with my Java project!

  9. What beautiful pieces of work...all because you shared!!!

  10. Oh my goodness, I love that one X layout of the Charm Pack. It makes the four patches stand out! Not that I can change my layout now, but maybe another one...

    Awesome Brag! :)

  11. Wow there are lot of them. They are all gorgeous. It fun to see these quilts in completely different color ways. You definitely have bragging rights!

  12. Wow! That must make you feel so good. The pictures are great!

  13. Hi KerrieLynne, It is so amazing that you wrote this post when you did! I just popped over to let you know that today I had linked to one of your patterns on the moda website, and also a link to your blog, because I am using a variation of the idea of the stacked rectangles as the backing for a quilt.
    What a lot to look at! thanks,

  14. That must make you so happy to see all those projects from your designs!

  15. I was just blogging about my version of one of your quilts today! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!!

  16. those are all so gorgeous! such talent :)

  17. gosh there are some talented people out there and you should feel rightly proud.

  18. Beautiful show of quilts! I love your patterns... it's nice to see what everybody made with them!


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