Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday #29

Let's talk about needles today. 

This was a topic that I was completely naive about when I first started sewing and I thought it may be some good information to pass on. :) 

How often do you change the needle in your sewing machine? 

This can definitely vary depending on what you are sewing and of course the type of fabric you are using. I sew mostly quilts using 100% cotton so I change my needle, most times, twice during my project. Once when I begin sewing the top and once when I quilt it. Granted if the top pieces together in a few hours, I won't change the needle. The standard time frame is about every 8 to 10 hours of sewing. Another rule of thumb is to change your needle after you go through 3 full bobbins. I think this is much easier to keep track of than actual hours of sewing.

Why do we want to change our needles so often? 

Mostly because the needle wears down and can make your stitches funny or your needle can bend and the needle could hit your bobbin case...ACK! That will create burs which will break your thread and then you will have to replace your bobbin case. A few needles will be much cheaper to replace than that!

The needle in your machine is definitely not something you want to keep using until it breaks. You will end up doing so much more damage than it's worth. Needles are fairly cheap, grab a few packages the next time you are at the store and change them often. Your machine will thank you for it. :)

Much Love!!!


  1. I am waaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue for a needle change! Thanks. I don't usually give the needle too much thought for some reason.

  2. Great reminder! I think Santa got a new idea to put some in my stocking this year :)

  3. I had no idea; I'm way overdue.
    My sewing machine came with different types of needles. I don't know what the difference is; they look the same to me - just in different color envelopes.

  4. I'm still a newby, so would appreciate a "Needles for Dummies" tutorial about sizes and why you use the size you use. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com


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