Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday #26

I was flipping through blogs yesterday and I wish I could remember where I saw this tip. I can see the image plain as day but I cannot for the life of me remember who's blog it was on. If you happen to know, please let me know so I can give proper credit for this tip!

**Updated** Thanks to my bloggy friends, it was at Pink Chalk Fabrics that this tip was posted! Thank you!!

I'm always telling my family NOT to use my quilting/fabric scissors. Especially my Ginghers! I certainly don't need those to be used to cut off the tops of Go-Gurts or opening boxes of Mac N Cheese!! 

It was suggested to tie strips of fabric on the ends of the scissors so that it was an indicator to use these scissors for fabric only! In other words... HANDS OFF!!  :D

I hopped right on that band wagon and tied up all my scissors!!

Off you go to tie up your own scissors so your oblivious hubbies or sticky fingered wee ones leave your precious fabric scissors alone. :D

Much Love!!!


  1. It was on Pink Chalk Studio in her new section on Reader Sewing Tips. I believe it was just yesterday or maybe the day before.

  2. I should do that since my husband took my Ginghers and cut up a credit card with them!! Gave him a heart attack when I came in the room and gasped so loudly screaming NO NO NO!!!!!!! Since then I have a studio above the garage that nobody go's in so now they are fairly safe unless I bring them in the house. Thanks for the Tip!!!

  3. HA HA HA!!! I caught my dad about to use my Ginghers once and I shouted at him! I told him, very nicely, that my sewing table was off limits. Later that day he pulled out a piece of paper that he had written a phone number he needed on--the paper was blank. I started laughing hysterically and asked if he got a marker off my sewing table. "Yes." He mumbled. It was my disappearing ink marker! I managed to laugh out "Serves you right!" before I broke down in tears of mirth.

  4. I do that to my rotary cutter also... amazing how many people in a class will have the same brand/style.

  5. I wonder if that ame tip will work on rolls of tape.......they're always using up my tape!!

  6. I tied a ribbon on when I went to a quilting class because I along with a million and one quilters use Ginghers scissors --- but I found that the ribbon got in the way of cutting. :-/

  7. I tied a lanyard onto my machine and my small scissors are always right where I need them.

  8. How did you know my kids opened a gogurt with my GOOD scissors yesterday???

  9. At one time when my kids were small I resorted to putting my good scissors in the freezer to keep them out of sight!

  10. Hmm I have a friend who used her MIL dressmaking scissors to cut up a raw chicken!!!! I make sure there are scissors on DH desk (works at home)and in the pencil holder by the phone - so the family arent tempted to look in my sewing room, so far so good.
    I use ribbon (on rotary cutter and scissors) instead of fabric and write my name on the ribbon so I dont mix my stuff in class with others. However the ribbon was a bit long and I did cut it with the rotary cutter, so half my name is missing! Happy quilting!


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