Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday #25

Hello friends!! 

I've got a quick little tidbit for you that may come in handy, and might save your thumbs too! 

If you don't have the basting pins that are curved (I wish I had those) you can try this trick to help you out when you baste your quilt. 

(Let me apologize ahead of time for the poor photos. It gets dark now at like 5:30 so taking pictures is a pain. Boo!!)

Grab your quilt, your pins, and a spoon. :)

Place your pin in  your quilt and set the spoon under the pin using either the tip of the spoon, or the side of the spoon....find what is most comfortable for you. 
Then use the spoon to help you close the pin. 
Your thumbs will thank you for it! :)  

Much Love!!!


  1. Dah! I just finished basting a quilt two minutes ago! I'll remember this for next time.

  2. If you're shopping for spoons, make it a grapefruit spoon. The serrations on the ends make it even easier to hold the business end of the pin.

    I love these Tidbit Tuesdays! Thanks!

  3. Man! your post came a day late. last night I was sandwiching a quilt and man, all the fingers were hurting like crazy. must put a spoon together with the pins tonight for another that is ready to be quilted.

  4. Dang, Ila beat me to it! Definitely use a grapefruit spoon! Especially if you own one and never, ever eat grapefruit.

  5. You know what works even better than a plain old spoon? A grapefruit spoon! The notched edges help the to keep the pin from sliding around.

  6. As with many other commenters, I just finished pinning and sewing a quilt for a wedding on Saturday. I was too busy pinning and sewing and missed your post until now. Definitely next time. And where do you buy a grapefruit spoon??


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