Friday, November 5, 2010

Pandora - The Matchmaker

Pandora. I love you. 

If you have never heard of or used Pandora, you are missing out if you are a lover of music! It not only plays music that you love, but depending on what artist you input, it will grab other interesting musical similarities to your choice and play that for you too. This is a wonderful way to happen upon new music that you may never have otherwise been introduced to. 

I have found so many artists and songs that I adore through Pandora. I'm at the point I may have to upgrade for the paid version. I use it that much. I haven't yet because...well....I'm just! 

You can create your own music stations and play music you love all day long. (You only get so many hours per month for free - I think it's 30, or you can upgrade to allow more play). If while you are playing a station and a song plays that you don't like, you just click the thumbs down button and it won't play again. It's another way to help it determine your liking! 

Today I came across a band I had never heard before and I absolutely LOVE them!! Mumford and Sons, an English folk rock band from London!

Here is a bit of an introduction for them...a humble band who loves what they do! 

The instrumentation in this video is brilliant. Although the words are not for the wee's an amazing composition...

Kinda wants to make you up and dance a little jig... :)

You can't get much more real than this.... Incredible! 

There are a ton more videos out on You Tube if you care to see more. I'm grabbing the album tonight. 

Real music. Beautiful voices..... what's not to love!?

Much Love!!!


  1. Thank you thank you thank you, Karrie! I love these, and have hopped over to Pandora to see what else I can find.

  2. I don't know what I would do without Pandora, Hulu, and Netflix! They all keep me company in my little sewing room.

  3. Love, love, love Pandora! Not happy, however, that I can't stream it through my computer at work seems that some peeps were downloading and watching Netflix!!!

  4. I'm also having a love affair with Pandora! I never knew I could get it o my phone until my sis did it for me!

  5. Not only do I love Pandora, but this band has been showing up on my Sirius radio and they're phenomenal! I love the folk sound to it with the different instruments :) You've lovely taste in music.

  6. I love Pandora but I love too - check it out!

  7. I love this band! thanks for sharing!

  8. I saw them on Jools Holland they're so good! Love the name too - it happens to be the name of my fav fish & chips shop :P

  9. :) New to Pandora, but Mummford & Sons are hot in the UK right now!

  10. I've been loving Mumford & Sons for a few months now - popped up on a couple of my XM channels a while ago. Love, love, love them :) You have excellent taste in music!


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