Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Hear A Pillow Talkin'

There is this girl...a quite amazing girl, if I do say so myself, who co-hosts the most AMAZING pillow swap on Flickr with Kerri. Her name is Heather and she blogs over at {House} of Al A Mode. I highly urge you to go check out her blog if you never have. She is a creative genius and her personality is like no other! It's a good thing, don't worry. :) She's a hoot!

Right now she is probably busy matching up partners for the Pillow Talk Swap for round FOUR! I'm really excited about this swap, even though it's only my second time playing and I can't wait to see who I get to sew for! It's always fun to sew for your self, but it's even more fun to sew for someone else. At least it is once you get past the nervous hair pulling out stage trying to convince yourself that they will love your pillow. ;)

We are asked to do a mosaic for our partner so here is mine, dear partner. I would like one of each please. Hahhaha! Just kidding. Kind of. ;)

Pillow Talk 4 - Inspiration Mosaic

I pretty much give my partner free range with the swaps I am in. I don't want to limit their creativity. I know that if I'm asked to make something I really don't like, I'm not going to enjoy it as much so I want them to make something that they love and I know I will love it too! So don't stress over anything partner. I love it already. :D 

Anyone else here partaking in the Pillow Talk Swap #4? I can't wait to see what everyone makes this round! 

Much Love!!!


  1. thanks for including 2 of my quilts in your inspiration mosaic!

  2. Hi Karrie! Im in Illinois too! Just found your blog! I am a quilter (I am only on my 8th one so far) as well as a gardener. Love your blog!

  3. I can't wait for this swap! It's my first time in it, but I'm sooooooo excited! I love your mosaic! I feel sort of bad for my partner because my mosaic has a definite theme with very little variety. Ooops! It was totally unintentional! It was just a collection of things I loved.....they just happen to look similar. :)

  4. Awww you soo need a turtle pillow!!

  5. I'm playing! I can't wait to see who my partner is so I can go on a fabric shopping spree.

  6. Good choices! I can't wait to see who I get partnered with. I'm hoping it's you - your mosaic is awfully inspiring! :)

  7. How fun! Not participating in this swap, but loved doing my first swap recently! I also didn't want to give too much of a plan because I felt the same way about limiting her creativity. Hope you enjoy the swap!

  8. I'm taking part in this swap, and I am so excited! It's my first time, and I asked her to pair me with another beginner :)

  9. Oh i like your Mosaic KarrieLyne!! I am in this round also - it's the best swap on Flickr if I do say so myself. Always a fun time. Heather rocks!


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