Monday, November 15, 2010

Best. Brats. Ever!!

Remember how I told you that every time I go to my Stitch ~N~ Bitch I learn something new? Yes? Good! ;)

This past weekend we all got together again and this time I learned a new recipe! Thanks Lisa!!! 
You're gonna want to give this a go because they are sooooooooooooooo yummy!!

You need to begin with brats. Which ever ones are your favourites...

Just be sure it's this kind...

Not this kind...
Get it? Brats and Brats are spelled the same? Bwaahahahah! ;)

Ok, now that we got that cleared up...gather the ingredients. 

You will need your favourite brats, a red pepper, a green pepper, a yellow pepper, a large onion and fennel (just the bulbous part. Not the froo froo stalks). Now, I'll admit, I had no idea what fennel was, but it's that stalky stuff in the photo. :) Yum! 

You will also need a crock pot and if you'd like, buns to put your brats in. Or you could serve them over rice too! 

First off, grill your brats. Don't cook them all the way, just enough to brown the outsides and add some of those grill markings. 
Then cut up all your veggies. I kept mine in large chunks. 

Add them all to the crock pot....

Then add the brats and mix it all up...

Doesn't it look delish so far??!! Mmmmm...! 

Now, don't add any liquid. The veggies will do all that for you so you don't have to add any. Trust me on this. :)
If you are cooking lots of brats, make sure you cut up more veggies. You want to make sure the veggies cover the brats well.

Depending on your crock pot, the cooking times may vary.  Make sure you put the lid on.

I'd say on low you can cook it for 6-8 hours, on medium for 4-5 hours, or on high for 3-4 hours. 

The longer you cook it, the darker your "broth" will get. I cooked mine on medium for about 4.5 hours and this is how mine looked...

I'm getting hungry again....are you? :D

Now, just plop one of these babies in a bun and add some of the cooked veggies on top of can plop down some rice and add the veggies and the brat too! Lot's of possibilities for you!

This is what I did...

I steam cooked some broccoli and some red potatoes mixed with onions and some seasonings for about 30 minutes and served the brats in a hoagie bun with the veggie toppings!

Excuse me while I grab a napkin to clean up my drool.....Heh!!

So easy and sooooo good! I don't usually eat brats, honestly, but these, I could eat once a week or more!

Now go make your shopping list.... ;)

Much Love!!!


  1. OH...I love brats... both kinds! Will need to try this ..

  2. We eat those brats all the time, but I've never made them that way. I'll have to try it out. Usually I boil mine a little to get some of the fat out and then grill them. I do my peppers separately, but there are the best brats ever.

  3. So funny - I saw your post title and thought you were going to be writing about your kids!! I'll have to give this recipe a try.....

  4. Looks delicious! With the leftovers, we made homemade pasta and diced up the brats and served brats and veggies and broth on top of the cooked pasta. Sprinkle freshly grated Parmesan cheese and presto-dinner the next night! -Lisa

  5. Looks great, will have to try it. Anything new for the crockpot is great.

  6. This looks so good! It's good to know our brat eating days don't have to come to an end just because summer's over. I'm going to try this.

  7. We love brats in our house. Thanks for a new recipe to try!

  8. Yum, that looks good. I bet it would be amazing over my favorite rice, Lundberg Black Japonica. It's very different and I usually eat it with chili.

  9. I was worried we were going to have to throw the other type in the crock pot - you know the Bratz - or "cranky barbies" as my dd calls them.


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