Friday, October 1, 2010

Special Delivery!!

Remember a few days ago I posted about AccuQuilt having a special delivery? Well today is the reveal day and lookie lookie at the cutest little thing.....

AccuQuilt’s Baby is Here! or Say Hello to GO! Baby™

AccuQuilt’s new arrival brings you a NEW way to GO! The AccuQuilt GO! Baby™ Fabric Cutter is an extension of the GO!® family of products and is an ultra-portable, affordable and adorable fabric cutter for quilters and fabric crafters. The GO! Baby Fabric Cutter has the same cutting performance as the original GO! Fabric Cutter and is just as safe, accurate and fast. At only $139, and with a more compact design, the GO! Baby is perfect for the beginner and occasional quilter. The GO! Baby is compatible with all GO! dies except for 10" x 10" and 10" x 24" dies.

Key features and benefits:
- Consistent, accurate cuts—up to 6 layers at a time
- 90% faster than traditional cutting
- Lightweight—only 8 pounds
- Create perfect appliqué in the turn of a handle
- Reduce fabric waste
- No cut fingers or sore backs
- Create endless design options
- Minimal space needed for storage
- Portable—no electricity or batteries needed

10 New GO! Dies
GO! Baby™ is bringing with it ten new die designs featuring many of our most requested dies such as a smaller tumbler, a cat and a dog. Also available are multiple appliqué flowers and three sizes of equilateral triangles that correspond with the current hexagon die. In addition, a new 2 1/2" strip cutter, has been designed to fit the GO! Baby's smaller size. All dies are compatible with both the GO!® and GO! Baby™ fabric cutters.

Oh my goodness...isn't she the cutest little thing?!! Look at those little bits of pink! So cute!!

 She even has her own little carrying case!! In PINK!! Oh dear....oh dear.... oh me oh my....! 

And look at these flowers! I NEED these flowers!! Oh I'm in so much trouble...... 

What do you think? Will you be in trouble too? Just in case you want to is the link to pre-order all the new goodies!! LOL!! 

Much Love!!!


  1. Hey, girl, what do you think about this new Go? I can't find anything that talks about the differences (other than size) between this one and the bigger one.....

  2. Hmmmm I think you just found me the perfect Christmas present...I'll tell my hubby!!! LOL!
    And yes its beyond cute!!!!

  3. Nice - i like the lower price and the size will make it a bit easier to store. Not that I have to store one at the moment - but you never know ;)

  4. I'm so excited about this because I think I could probably actually convince someone to get it for me for Christmas!

  5. I would love one but over here in the UK they are pricey & if i got it from the USA the shipping & the import duty would be so high it works out the same as buying here but may be one day i have one
    I love what you can do with it & i hope you will have many a happy hour with your new baby
    Hugs Janice

  6. Those look very inticing,guess I better check it out!

  7. I actually have Mama AccuQuilt on my Christmas list but this looks interesting as well. I have a CuttleBug for my Stamping and scrapbooking that is about this size.....I wonder if the dies for Baby would fit in it?!


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