Friday, October 29, 2010

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Amy from Amy's Creative Side is hosting another Bloggers Quilt Festival! I love this festival! It is so fun and amazing hopping from blog to blog looking at everyone's quilts and reading about their story. Talk about inspiration!! 

Crushed Diamonds
The quilt that I am entering is my Crushed Diamonds quilt that I made for Robert Kaufman's blog, The Swatch & Stitch.  I chose this quilt for a few reasons. One being that when I posted it here, I didn't really show it here, I just gave a link to it. I chose this quilt mostly because it has a lot of "firsts" for me in it.

First #1: This quilt came to be because I wanted to make a quilt entirely out of solids. This is my first quilt using only solids!! 

First #2:  This quilt was my first experience using Robert Kaufman's Kona Crush material! Oh my goodness.....I LOVE this stuff!! You just have to try it for yourself to believe how fantastic it really is!

First #3:  This was my very first tutorial for The Swatch & Stitch! Yay! Click HERE for the tutorial. :)

Besides all of that, I just adore this quilt! It's soft. It's a bit heavier than quilts that use your normal quilting prints, and overall, I just love the design. 

It looks so much more complicated than it is, but it only uses one block, rotated in different ways....

So this.....

Turns into this....

Close Up of Crushed Diamonds - Kona Crush

A different shot to show the quilting...
Crushed Diamonds - Kona Crush

This quilt was just an overall joy to put together! I kind of want to make it again...only using red, or maybe purple. :) 

Have you entered a quilt in the festival? No!? 

Well just click HERE for all the details. Anyone can play along!

Much Love!!!


  1. absolutely love this! and the quilting is perfect for it. gorgeous quilt

  2. love this quilt! Good choice (although you had MANY awesome ones to choose from!)

  3. This is really beautiful! I am generally not a fan of solids, but this is wonderful. I like the straight line quilting.

  4. Its a great solid quilt. Love the colours and your pattern is brilliant.

  5. Karrie Lyne, I've said it before and I will say it again and again, I really think you are one of the most talented quilters out "there" at the moment - I love how you make beautiful patterns simple enough for every one to make them, Yay you!!!

  6. Great quilt!!
    I've never worked with Kona Crush myself but I love Kona solids so I may very well give crush a go one day!

  7. Such a beautiful quilt! I WILL make this one someday.... I still haven't found any of the Kona Crush to look at yet, though - can't wait to see it!

  8. I love this quilt and I am with Sarah I too will make this quilt someday - once I find Kona Crush. You know livinging in a small town sucks!!! Even the big city hadn't heard of Kona Crush..... I sent them to market with a list to get some.

  9. I loved this quilt when you first posted it. It's a great choice to show. I actually have it on my list of potential quilts to make someday. Love it!

  10. that is so cool! I would have never picked out that one block!

    great quilt design Karrie (as usual). ;)

    Our quilt shop carries Kona Crush... I'm lucky that way.

  11. As always, KarrieLynn, very beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

  12. I loved this when you posted the link, and I still love it now! It's a beuaty! I agree with Lynne's comments too!

  13. What a strong graphic quilt. Love the secondary design with the black crosses echoing the white ones. Very effective use of color.
    Come see my 1890 antique schoolhouse quilt and
    black/white/pink scrappy miniature

  14. Very simple yet dramatic looking quilt. I've downloaded the pattern to give it a tryout.

  15. I love the crispness of the color.

  16. congrats on winning... love the quilt

  17. I love your quilt. It's stunning, and great color contrast!


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