Thursday, October 14, 2010

Autumn Strings Tutorial

Remember the shots of this yummy fall fabric? I've put it to good use and I'm thrilled with the results!

I've wanted to make a string quilt for a while now but in case you haven't noticed, I like quick quilts. Not ones that will take me forever to complete, so I never started one.

Anyone else in that same boat? Love the look of a string quilt but just don't want to spend the time it takes to create one block by block? 

This kept nagging at me and then one day it hit me and I figured out a fast and simple way to achieve this look using a technique using tubes of fabric. It's not quite as variable as an actual string quilt, but depending on how you choose to piece it, it could be, but much quicker!

Began on October 2, 2010 - Completed on October 9, 2010
Pieced and quilted by me
Fabrics: High Society by Khristian A. Howell and Kona Cottons and Crush by Robert Kaufman

I actually made this in just a few days! Yes, you heard me right. A string quilt... in a few days!!!

What do you think?!! I absolutely LOVE it!! It's sooo....sooo....fallish! LOL!

If you love it too and want to make your own, you are in luck because I created a tutorial just for you!

Instead of step by step on my blog, I've created a PDF that you can download and print if you'd like.

Note: It will take you to Google Docs where you can view the file and download from there if you wish.

I'd like your feedback on this though. Do you like it better posted on the blog AND a PDF or is it better with just the option of the PDF?

If you put one of these babies together, I hope you will share it with me! I'd love to see it! There is also a Flickr Group that you can add your photos to of any project tutorial that I share either here, on Moda Bake Shop, or Robert Kaufman!

Enjoy and happy quilting!!

Much Love!!!


  1. What a happy quilt! I too have always wanted to make a string quilt..I just need to cut the strings! lol

    I like the PDF files as my computer isn't in the sewing room and it's hard to follow along on directions when I can't print them.

  2. Love the quilt and the fabrics you used.

  3. I think the PDF is perfect! I like how you can print them out that way.
    I do think maybe you need a spot where all of your tutorials are in one you have one and I dont see it? That would be my only suggestion.
    BTW....I it too!

  4. Oh, KarrieLynn, This is wonderful!! I love it and what a great way to make it. I have downloaded a copy. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  5. I love the pdf AND the quilt!! And did I say that I LOVE the PDF! ;) I visited the Kona Krush quilt that you posted over at Robert Kaufman last night...Love it too!! You are amazing! Thank you so much for all you do!!

  6. I am liking the ability to save the file, print it off, and take it with me to the crafts/sewing/guest room as I never was crazy about taking my laptop in there. :-)

    Love, love, love! this quilt. Thanks!

  7. Thanks a bunch.. Love the quilt and the tubing idea. I have made a strip quilt before using the other process. Yours does up so quickly.

  8. The pdf rocks--reading through it, the steps are easy to follow and make sense; your technique is fabulous! Call C&T to tell them there's a book in the making!

  9. It's always good when it's a much easier to print off and way more cost effective! I am a new follower in the past month and I am loving this tutorial. I have made an honest to goodness one block at a time string quilt and know how long it takes. Thanks!

  10. Thanks for the PDF; they are much easier to use than directions on blogs!

  11. Love this! I definitely want to try this. One question though--where did your 36th square come from? I calculate that you get 35--7 tubes x 5 squares per tube = 35--did you piece the last one from the remains of the other tubes? Thanks for sharing this!

  12. Katie - You are so right! I forgot to amend my own instructions when I was putting this together. I've posted a note at the top of this post stating I will correct it tonight. Once it's complete I will key in another blog post for the updated PDF.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention!


  13. Fantastic! The quilt looks totally random and the pdf is clear and understandable. Good Job!!

  14. The PDF rocks -and I LOVE the quilt! I did a few string blocks a few weeks ago and love the effect, but they are time consuming.

  15. Karrie Lyne, using Google Docs to view your pdf is great.
    Love this techniques of using the Internet for the sharing of these wonderful quilting techniques.

  16. Great quilt!! I love the fabrics, too! I prefer the Google Docs PDF because it is really easy to preview it, bookmark the pattern if I want, or just remember that it's on your blog, etc, but not have to download it right now if I don't feel like it. And it's really a lot nicer to have a pdf that's easy to print rather than a blog tutorial, in my opinion.

  17. What a simple solution!
    (But then, don't they say that all great ideas SEEM simple once some genius actually thinks of it.)

    I've downloaded this and it's waiting... maybe when the summer holidays come. (That's only 8 weeks away...)

  18. Now that's clever and totally doable!! Thanks! : )

  19. I love your quilt - your fabric choices and placement are perfect! Thanks so much for the PDF - I like to have directions in hand to take with me from room to room and to the store if I need to. It's so very thoughtful!

  20. Wow; this is absolutely brilliant! I can see this becoming a much used pattern. Thanks so much, KarrieLyne, for sharing this!

  21. Just came from the Robert Kaufman site here and am totally in love with your creativity! I am going to use the string quilt pattern to start out my 12 year old granddaughter on to keep her interested in quilting,,,thanks~ xo

  22. Very clever of you! This is a great quilt. I do like to have a pdf to download because it is so much quicker that cut and paste into a document.

  23. Why do you keep making my To Do list longer?! I'm thinking of doing this in some yummy Christmas fabrics!!

  24. I just found this BEAUTIFUL quilt via a search for autumn quilts on flickr. I am in LOVE! Your quilt is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I cannot seem to access your tutorial however (I can only access google soca/Internet via my cell phone) :( Is there anyway you can send it to me? I would REALLY appreciate it. If possible my email is
    Thank You ahead of time and keep up the great work.

  25. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this amazing tutorial! I love the string quilt look and I'm all about shortcuts.


    1. I hit "Publish" too soon! I meant to add that I like the way you posted just a couple of photos on the blog with a link to the pdf file. I like to save the pdf for future reference.


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