Saturday, October 30, 2010

Are You Game?

Can you believe it's almost November?! I don't know where this year went. Somehow, time seems to fly by faster every year. 

Speaking of November...I have a challenge for you! :) 


No, I didn't sneeze! ;) It stands for National Blog Posting Month. I've been doing this now for the last two years and I will be doing it again this year. 

What is it you ask? For the month of November, you post a blog post every day. That's it. You can even win prizes if you do! 

Its not always easy to think of something to say, especially every day for a month, but that is why I do it. I like the challenge. I like to talk too...haha!! 

So, I'd like to challenge you to join me. Post on your blog every day for an entire month, starting on Monday! You can write about whatever you want, there is no theme and there are no rules. They have even instituted Wordless Weekends "as an option for those who need the break that only YouTube videos, baby pandas, and pictures of your lunch can provide." You can still do a regular post if you want to though. 

So if you'd like to accept the challenge, hop on over HERE, sign up, and add your blog to the blogroll. If you don't add your name, you won't be eligible for prizes. If you'd like, you can also place the badge for NaBloPoMo on your blog by going HERE. You can see my badge on the left in my sidebar. You can even change the colors this year! Woot! :D

So who's with me? :)  

I've also been playing with some "oh to die for" fabric today!! Do yo recognize it? ;) 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!! 

Much Love!!!


  1. Good luck and have loads of FUN with your blog posting every day. I would join, but I just finished Blogtoberfest2010, which was posting everyday in October - and I think it would do my head in to try that for 2 months in a row!

  2. Oh, I see you have some Central Park, too! Isn't it amazing!

  3. Everyday? E-gads, girl...I have trouble with twice a week!

  4. This will be a MAJOR challenge for me, I'm generally more of a once a week blogger, but I'm game!

  5. You have some awesome Central Park by Ms. Kate...I'm aww struck. I just received a charm pack of 12 days of Christmas from Kate herself that I won on one of her giveaways...I still love it after all this time.

  6. I love the fabric, but I do love it. I'd love to blog everyday, but I don't think that I have the time. It would be fun to try though!

  7. You have fun with that! I'm doing the original, Nanowrimo - a 50K novel in the month of November! I have a feeling the blog will be neglected instead of daily posted.

  8. I'm in - probably crazy, but in!


  9. How about I dedicate myself to reading your blogging every day and that will make me a winner! :) :) Since I'm still new at this blogging adventure, couldn't imagine doing it every day! Can't wait to see what you come up with using those beautiful fabrics!!!

  10. Good luck with posting. I have a hard time posting on a regular basis. Maybe I will try.

  11. I believe the fabric is Central Park by Kate Spain! Will be here to read what you say every day!! Happy Blogging!!

  12. This sounds fun! But, there is no way I'll be able to post every day!

    For one, I'm going to the HIQF (Houston International Quilt Festival) this coming Saturday -- that means I'll be gone for two days!.

    And for another, I'm going out of town for Thanksgiving! :-)

    Have fun! And may you win something! :-)

  13. Who am I kidding, I've already blown it. I'll just enjoy everybody elses posts :)


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