Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering...Nine Years Later

It's been nine years. The memory isn't as fresh, but it's still there. 

Every time I see a low flying plane. I remember. 

Every time I happen to glance at the clock and see that the time says 9:11. I remember.

Every time I see a reference to dialing 911. I remember. 

Every time they talk about war. I remember. 

I remember watching the planes hit. 

I remember watching people jump out, hundreds of stories high.

I remember crying for those people. Tears still fall today when I remember what I saw.

I remember the devastation afterward. 
I remember our country coming together to heal, which still continues today. 

I hope all of us will always take pause to remember those that fell, those that fought, and those that suffered the loss of loved ones.

It seems fitting that it's raining today. A symbol of all the tears shed over the years perhaps.....

Never forget....

Much Love!!!


  1. You have captured my thoughts exactly.

  2. Bless you and your very thoughtful words.

  3. well said...still takes my breath away...probably always will

  4. I'll never, ever forget either KarrieLyne

  5. Thank you for saying so well what so many of us are feeling.....

  6. Well said. Interesting about the the rain. I was just thinking how it's a sunny and gorgeous day here, just as it was that day. It felt strange then as it does today.

  7. Wow, the people jumping from the towers. I had forgotten that. Still makes my stomach clench and tears come to my eyes.

    I hope no one ever forgets this. It should be a national day of remembrance.


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