Sunday, September 26, 2010

Decisions, Decisions!

So I got this yummy goodness in the mail yesterday...
 ...and after MUCH research, I finally found a website that sells all of the Kona Crush colors!! I found a few that only had one or two of the colors I wanted then I found The Quilt Asylum.  I find it odd that there are not many sites that carry this. Perhaps it's because they are solids. Just like my local quilt shops, solids are hard to find. 

So with the High Society fabrics by Khristian Howel in the clay palette, mixed with some Kona Crush solids and perhaps Kona Coal, I will have a nice fall quilt on my hands. Now, to decide on exactly what pattern to make. 

Debating on starting in on the Quilt As You Go quilt along that Heather over at A La Mode Fabric is hosting.

Suggestions, anyone? :)

Much Love!!!


  1. As a new online quilt/fabric shop owner, I'd say the reasons more shops don't carry all the Kona colors are a few. All the colors are not always available right when ordered, so sometimes it's just logistically not that easy. The other thing is cost and shelf space, I'm guessing. Those are my guesses at least. I'd love to have a complete line of colors in the shop, although I'd probably go with Bella Solids from Moda--just my own preference. Maybe eventually!

  2. I love those fabrics, by the way--definitely want to get those in my shop soon!

  3. pretty pretty...

    I think you should go for the quilt along. Definitely.

  4. Oh yeah, that with Kona coal would be beautiful. I saw the quilt as you go quilt along, that is so nice :-) Luckily between Kona and Bella Solids, my local shop has a decent variety, if not Joann's has a good choice too of Kona (thanks to 50% coupons). I am with you right now on trying to make decisions, I finally got my Fandango layer cake (i decided I want to do my PS I Quilt pinwheel sampler out of it) and I am trying to decide between robin egg blue (bella), maize(kona) and the always dependable white....choices choices...good luck with yours!

  5. I have a hard time finding solids too. The only fabric store in my area is a JoAnn and while they carry a good selection of solids they aren't always in shades that match the designer fabrics I purchase online. I buy lots of fabric on Etsy and I found a shop there that sells all the Kona solids and she even lets you create your own fat quarter bundles of fabrics in the colors you want. I won't post a link but her shop is Blueberry Buckle (and NO I'm not related or anything - just impressed)

  6. YES! definitely play with me!! i'd love to see a yummy fall funky quilt! ;)


  7. Yes you should play with us. I actually am behind so if you start now your not that far behind the last person (me). I only have 3 blocks right now.


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