Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday #16

Hello and welcome back to Tidbit Tuesday!! :D

The common saying is that we all learn from our own mistakes. Well, this time I want all of you to learn from my mistakes, not your own. 

One thing that you don't always see in blog land are the mistakes that we make. Mostly because we don't like to admit that we made a mistake. I don't necessarily like to admit it either, but one of the reasons I blog, is to teach. If I never show you the mistakes I make, how can you learn from them?  :)

Today's tidbit is thanks to a dear friend, Tracey, over at TraceyJay Quilts. I love this girl. She cracks me up and she has the cutest little man and on top of that, I swear we have the same exact taste in fabrics and quilting! She's like a bloggy sister. :) 

Tracey started the "Putting the Bee in Christmas" bee and this was her month. She chose two blocks and one was a cartwheel block. This block has lots of curves to sew.

Why is this the focus of Tidbit Tuesday? Pins. Pins? Yep. Pins. 

I don't pin. Ever. Well, not never, but I can count on one hand the amount of projects where I've used pins, not including pin basting quilts to quilt them. I just don't like them. It takes too much time and they poke you and that hurts. Pins are not my friends....


This happened...
Do you see that mess in the upper right corner? Ack!!! I ripped and sewed that same darn seam three times, on two different corners of the block. I was ready to email Tracey and say I quit. LOL! 

Of course I couldn't do that and I never would. So, I ripped it once more. Eyed my pins. Grumbled. Gave my pins a lecture about not poking me and started again. This is what it looked like...

No, they are not perfectly spaced but they did the job. Do you see the ends? They meet up! I nearly stood up and jumped up and down, and even better, my lecture worked. No pokes! :D 

I was still nervous though, because I still had to sew it down. So I complimented my sewing machine so she'd play nice, I lectured my pins once more to keep their ends to themselves and trucked along.....to get this!

**That top corner looks crooked. I think it's the angle that I took the photo because it wasn't crooked**

Can you believe that pins could make that much of a difference?! Ok, for those that actually use pins, I know you're shaking your heads yes and probably saying "I told you so!"...but for me, I had no idea they could be so useful. Especially with curves! 

So, the morale of the story is, use pins, especially with curves, unless you have this handy dandy little tool that I need to order. Head on over to THIS post and see how Julie at Jaybird Quilts puts this amazing little foot to use! She's quite the movie star too. ;)

Oh, by the way...this is how the block turned out....

Until next time...

Much Love!!!


  1. I used to be an anti-pin person as well. Then I discovered how much nicer somethings come out when I do use pins. I am about 50/50 now on my pin useage.


  2. oh, yes! Pins! Pins! Pins! They keep you away from rip-it!rip-it!rip-it!...sometimes pin poking just are the little pain that make ppl to look beautiful too LOL

    Your Cartwheel block is really pretty indeed. Good job!

  3. Oh my - this block looks so much like the Denyse Schmidt Single Girl pattern that I just finished - I can totally relate to you on the pinning. I think this style of quilt takes as long to pin as it does to actually sew. (Didn't realize that when I cut out a queen size - oops!) Very nice - hang in there with the pinning!

  4. I HATE pins too! So of course I had to order that handy dandy tool yesterday when I saw that very post. I can't wait to try it out! I like your block by the way.

  5. I must admit that I am a big fan of pins, but I think I have developed tough skin so they don't hurt anymore. Hmmmm. The block looks fabulous!

  6. Your block ended up fabulous and that's all that counts! :) I don't pin much myself, but I had some experience with curves (read: I've had to rip up and redo this kind of thing before)and knew that I had to bust out the pins on this one!

  7. A challenging block, but such a beautiful one. Love the design and fabrics you selected. Certainly will make a beautiful quilt.


  8. Ha ha! I don't use pins much either - except when matching lots of little seams and when sewing curves. I've learned it saves a lot of cursing - something you can't do much of when little ears and big mouths (usually on the same head) are present!

  9. That looks great!! I hope you don't mind that I featured you on my recent blog post about quilts that have inspired me to start my first quilt this coming week. I love looking at all of your quilt and reading about them. I found you at the Moda Bake shop and am now following you.


    There is the link to my blog.

  10. I avoided pins with a vengeance until I discovered how much easier it is to line up long rows of blocks if you pin them first. Sometimes the old-skool quilters really do know where it's at. :P

  11. Ha ha, I try to avoid pins when I can, but I definitely know my limitations too! They can be lifesavers!

    This is a great block! Is there an online tutorial for it?

  12. Looks great nd I love the colours. I'm afraid the lesson is one I learnt a while ago along with patience.

  13. Most definitely! The longer the pin the better and w/ a fancy topper to! I love this block BTW. You have just given me an idea....

  14. Gorgeous block:) Being one for finding shortcuts I have to admit that when it comes to curves I've learned that pins are still the way to go if I want to sew once and achieve something that even comes near to what I want it to look like.
    Goodness - Christmas sewing already - what a thought, but I guess being September 1 it really isn't that far away is it! CIao

  15. Hee hee! I was taught by an avid pinner and I'm just learning now that I can get away without pinning everything! Guess we are always learning. Love that block, it's gorgeous.

  16. Yeah, I'm definitely a pin-aholic, although I get stuck quite a lot and use words that I know I shouldn't. It's the pins' fault...they make me do it!

    Your block turned out beautifully! Great job!



  17. I'm not a fan of pins but realized late in my quilting journey they're a necessary evil. I have the gadget you mentioned and absolutely love it. I made a grandmother's fan quilt with 80-99 (terrible I can't remember!) blocks and that gadget saved my sanity!

  18. I love your tips and am still very much a beginner. Thanks and please keep it up. I really look forward to your Tuesday Tips!

  19. Pinning and curves really do go together - I still cheat with the straight edges though. I've been eying off the curvemaster foot too and am really really close to asking for it for a birthday present!

  20. :)

    There goes that Tracey again!

    Your post made me laugh many times, by the way. :)

  21. I'm not sure if this is correct "protocol" but I saw a video by the lovely lady who is jaybird quilts and she got this specific foot so you can sew curves (as in the drunkard path, I believe that's the name) and you don't have to pin!!! I thought I would pass that onto you and your readers!! I hope that is okay. I'm sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes. xoxox

  22. I posted earlier that I ordered the Curve Master. It arrived today so of course I had to rip it out of it's package and test it out. It is AWESOME. The coolest foot ever!!!! I wish I didn't have a million projects going on because I can't wait to sew more curves now!


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