Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hit Me Again Tube Sock!

Have you seen this commercial? I can't help it. It cracks me up each time I see it.

I've had the candy. I can tell you that the tube sock will shock you MUCH more than this candy will.  LOL!! Honestly, barely a fizzle, but the taste is good.

The one thing I can't figure out...besides the crazy idea of the old man actually *liking* getting shocked by the tube sock, is why on earth is one leg bigger than the other, and one arm shorter?

Thoughts? :D

Much Love!!!


  1. maybe because tube socks are hard to keep up? your guess is a s good as mine ... it's freaky.

  2. ha! Guess they needed a place to stick the battery (leg) and the lightening rod (long arm) to deliver the shock!

    Heck, who knows? :) It's good for a laugh.

  3. you're right, that's weird. i never noticed it while watching the spot, but it's obvious in that still frame. that ad always creeps me out - but in a good way ;)

  4. Love your blog, just found it. Hmm... never saw this commercial. I will admit, I don't understand anything about it. :)

  5. Interesting commercial. Who can tell me ... why is the tube sock's left leg so much bigger than his right? do you think it has a cast on underneath it? I found that distracted me through the entire commercial!


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