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GO!! Have Some Fun

Not too long ago I told you all that I received this in the mail...
I also told you that I'd be reviewing the product and giving my 2 cents. Ok, maybe 4 cents. ;) I say 4 cents because I also have a tutorial for you after my review! Yay!

Let's just say I have been a busy little turtle (turtle...because I like them better than bees!) today playing with this awesome tool! I knew I'd love it, but I didn't know that I'd love it as much as I do. 

When I was asked to review this item I was offered three dies and I was allowed to choose them myself. One of the dies that I chose was Drunkards Path. I have been eying quilts made with this block for months and I've been wanting to make one but I was scared of all those curves. However, I was more intimidated with the fact that I had to cut all those pieces out. Let's be real. I don't like cutting. It's my least favourite part of quilting so that quilt never would have made it to my machine. Well, maybe four blocks or so before I got tired of! 

Today I decided to give it a whirl. I pulled out my GO! and grabbed a layer cake and some yardage and went to town. 

I read the instructions on how to use it like 5 times. I didn't want to ruin my new baby, ya know! They make it so simple though! 
  • Open the GO! cutter. 
  • Lay out the die FOAM SIDE UP on the cutters "table"
  • Place your fabric on top of the die
  • Place the cutting mat on top (they make this two sided so you can't mess that up either!)
  • Then gently place into roller and crank the handle till it comes out the other side! 
  • Say "Weeeee!!" Yes,  you have to say that as you do it. Each time. Trust me. It's fun :D
  • Then remove the cutting mat and squeal at what you've just accomplished!! (My neighbors may have thought I was nuts...LOL)
That's it! Easy peasy and so fun! Each and every time you do it! No hand cutting. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Zeta. Nil. Diddly Squat! <--- that's my favourite...haha! 
Now you're probably asking how long this took me, right? Of course you are! 

First imagine if you had to cut out enough pieces **by hand** to make 36 drunkard path blocks. That's one each of the arc and the quarter circle, so 72 pieces. Estimate how long that might take you. 

Now how excited would you be if I told you that I cut each block piece that I needed to make an entire quilt in 30 minutes? Yep! Enough blocks to make 36 quilt blocks!! That includes cutting time for my solids! I think I even had a potty break in there! LOL! 

I love the fact that you can cut more than one layer at a time! I had the best results using only 3 layers, but 4 worked too. I just had to snip a few threads here and there, which is no biggie. 

I've heard a lot of talk about the waste that comes with using this tool. Yes, you will have waste, but you would if you had to hand cut this as well. In my opinion, my time is much more valuable than having a little bit more waste in fabric! I also haven't thrown my scraps away. I figure I will find some kind of use for them! :D  ((ohhh.....light bulb moment...maybe a wonky log cabin block quilt...ohhh...or a string quilt....! See...sometimes waste is a GOOD thing! ))

Here is an example of what is left when using  Layer Cake pieces on one side of the die. (I say one side because you can actually cut two complete blocks with this die if your fabric is larger.) Not too much, really.

Another feature I loved about this die and tool set is that there is no guessing. When you cut out the two pieces, they have corresponding notches (you can see them in the above photo) to match up for sewing! How cool is that!? Ingenious! 

So, my overall perception on the Go! cutter is that I LOVE IT!!! A lot! More than a lot! I need more dies now, like the hexagon one! :D  Way more positives than negatives and I'd recommend it to every quilter out there! Seriously......let met tell you one more reason why...

I made a quilt top that measures 58" x 58" today. In 5.5 hours total...that includes some laundry time so even less than that. I think it took me like an hour to sew the 36 blocks together. **gasp** Yes, circle piecing all those blocks in an hour!? Then just a little more time to sew them together and put the borders on! Eeeeeps! When was the last time you made a quilt like this in 5.5 hours?! I can't say that I ever have! 

A HUGE thank you to AccuQuilt for giving me a chance to use this awesome machine!!! Love every bit of it and I can see a lot of use in the future!!! :)


You've been waiting patiently for the tutorial so here you have drunkards path quilt top... 

 Drunkards Medallion


1 layer cake
1 1/2 yards of a coordinating solid
1/2 yard for binding
3 3/4 yards for backing

Start by setting up your AccuQuilt GO! machine.

Choose 20 layer cake pieces. Your leftovers will be used in the border so don't leave all your least favourites in the pile. ;)

Next you need to cut your solid fabric.

Cut ten strips that are 10" wide. Then sub cut them into 10" squares.

Now you are ready to cut!

Lay your fabric on top of the die. I did three pieces at a time. You can do four, but you may have to snip some threads here and there. Test it out and see what works for you.

Do this for all 20 prints and all 20 solid pieces. 

This is what you get! Woo Hoo!!

**Note: I forgot to take a photo of the white pieces, but the process is the same.

From the prints you need to have 20 of the arc pieces and 16 of the quarter circle pieces.
From the solid you need to have 16 of the arc pieces and 20 of the quarter circle pieces.
The extras, you can set aside for scraps or to use in the back of the quilt.

Match a print arc piece and a white quarter circle piece and sew together according to the instructions with the die. Make 20 blocks.

Next, match a white arc piece to a print quarter circle and sew together according to the instructions with the die. Make 16 blocks.

Then lay them out in a pleasing order. This is how I chose to lay mine out. Hence, Drunkards Medallion. :)

Then just sew your blocks together to form rows. Then sew your rows together. This should measure 42.5" squared when you are done.

From the solid, cut 5 pieces that are 4 1/2 inches wide for your first border. You will have to piece two sides.

I also added a scrappy outside border with the left over Layer Cake pieces. I cut them in half (5" x 10") then sub cut them randomly. Just sew pieces together until you have a strip that is as long, or a bit longer than 42.5".  Repeat for the other side. Press and trim ends if necessary.

Repeat for the top and bottom, only making the strips longer. Sew them on. Press. Trim ends if necessary.

Then you are ready to sandwich, quilt and bind your new quilt top that only took you a few hours!

Once I have her quilted I will show another photo. I was just so excited to have a "what looks to be complicated" quilt top done in 1/2 a day! Woo Hoo!!!

Don't forget to keep your eyes out for a giveaway here soon too!! ;)

Much Love!!!


  1. it's beautiful Karrie! I love it!

    Can't wait to get mine!!! :)

  2. I'm so jealous! I want one too!

  3. A very striking quilt! And it looks so easy with the GO Cutter! Thanks for sharing the tutorial...

  4. 5.5 hours? that's crazy-fast! Glad you did the drunkard's path; that's the biggest reason I'm considering the Accuquilt Go! cutter--those circular pieces are just too hard to cut correctly. Did you pin the arcs or is there a secret you're keeping? I've seen a few tutorials that state you can do it without pinning if you watch the needle area to match pieces and others use a special foot. Divulge, sista!!

  5. Gorgeous, Karrie!! I really want one of these babies!! And it's a great tutorial, by the way!

  6. I'm so happy that you too are a blogger that has an AccuQuilt, that they love. Isn't it fun? I love what you have created and find your tutorial to be inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


  7. That is so AWESOME!!!! I want one so bad...but Christmas is so far away. :)

  8. I have been watching all of you with the cutters, and I have decided--this is going to be my Christmas present. No ifs, ands or buts (unless I win one, of course)!

  9. WOW!! That is just AWESOME!! Curved pieing and all!! I love it! It's going to be so gorgeous when it's done. It's already amazing!!

  10. Wow that quilt is gorgeous! I love the pattern it creates in the centre! You tut makes it look simple too. And 5.5 hours?! Amazing!

  11. Great to hear that you've had so much fun! ~ The result is gorgeous! Really, really like this quilt.
    I would love to buy a Go! cutter if I could....hmmm...wonder how to bribe Accuquilt to give me one, too? Maybe with my first born child? *lol*

  12. So pretty! I really want to make that pattern, too!

  13. Wow...what an amazing machine! Definitely worth it for cutting something that complicated. I'm with everyone do I get them to give me one to try out! ;) I'll use it well, I promise!

    And a hexagon template?! Life saver! Must look into this!

  14. WOW, I really NEED one of these! Youre not helping LOL
    Love the quilt. You should quilt circles all over it!!

  15. I wish I could run out and buy one right now! But....all my extra cash goes to Purdue (rotten kid) lol :) I love your tutorial! You make it VERY tempting!

  16. Wow, your quilt looks great and it is so exciting for you that you made it so fast.

  17. i've only ever made one die cut quilt and it was amazing! So easy to put together, everything went together so easily and accurately!!

  18. Wow! That is truely an amazing quilt in little time!! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm :)

    Now I am even happier to be the first Danish retailer of this wonder tool - yep, I have ordered my first batch of GO! machines, dies, books...etc! Now I just REALLY need to get my e-shop set up. Hurry hurry :)

  19. Wow! I've cut out a grandmother's fan quilt (99 blocks!) and I have to say I would really love cutting out the blocks with the GO! Amazing...really amazing!

  20. very nice were doing some power sewing eh?

  21. Job well done with the Go cutter and drunkard's path...and very inspiring too ... even without a go cutter...*which I prayed I would win* LOL!

    And you quilt looks awesomelicious *I know I just created a new word* he he he...


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