Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WIP Wednesday #1

I've seen a lot of people doing Wordless Wednesdays on their blog, or Work in Progress Wednesdays and I thought I'd try and join in. Granted, anyone who knows me, knows I'm not really wordless so that wouldn't work...haha! So let's go with door number two, Bob, and I'll choose Work In Progress Wednesdays. 

I'm secretly hoping this will keep me on task too! :) 

I'm still plugging along with my hexagon quilt. I am in love with the design, I'm just not as in love with the fabric I chose to do it in. I was really excited about Freebird when I first started working with it, but now when I look at it I just groan. It's not the fabric, because I still like Freebird, but I just think there is so much going on with it, and in small spaces like the hexagons, it just makes my head spin. 
Hexagon Quilt Progress

I don't know. Maybe this is one of those quilts I just have to see as complete and then I'll fall in love all over again. That happens a lot with me. So....this will get finished. Promise Julie :)

Next up, I can't show you too much. I know...groan groan groan on sneak peeks..LOL. Honestly I haven't decided exactly what to do with this. I might submit to Moda Bake Shop, or maybe a quilt a long #2 or maybe even make it into my own PDF pattern and sell. I'm not sure yet, but keep your eyes out. I think this one will be a beauty. :) 
Bloom and Grow WIP

Then today I received the fabrics I chose for another bee I am in called Putting the Bee in Christmas. Miss TraceyJay has put this amazing bee together and I couldn't be more pleased to have been invited! My month is September and I think I've settled on a design, but I'm not 100% yet and still have plenty of time to change my mind 100 more times...haahaa!
Putting the Bee in Christmas Fabrics

Last but not least, and sort of a work in progress, but more of a REALLY BIG wish in progress....

I want one of these. An AccuQuilt Go! Fabric cutter. A lot.

I keep seeing projects put up everywhere and they are amazing. When I first saw it, I convinced myself that I didn't need one. Thanks to blog land, I've unconvinced myself. Thanks. A lot. You know who you are. ;)

So, for any of you with extra moola laying around and want to get me a birthday present (*whispers* It's in September) I would love you forever...LOL! Or....Maybe I'll win one of those giveaways that keep popping up! Yeah! **crosses fingers, toes, eyes, arms, over...oops** ;)

So...what have YOU been working on? 

Much Love!!!


  1. I'd love a Go too. Think of all we could accomplish.

    I like the hex quilt. It will be gorgeous when quilted.

  2. In regards to WIP - mine has been going since last month. I have to baste, quilt and bind, then finally finished!! I need to get to it because it's for a family friend who shares the same bday as my son....As for the GO, I've been entering any contest I can that have these as a prize!!! I WANT ONE SO BAD!!!!!

  3. I love the fabric you bought for the BEE...What lines are they from...I am needing fabric for a new bee I signed up for :)

    I know what you mean about the GO!

  4. Pretty stuff you're working on - I like the hexagon quilt - interesting pattern and love the fabric! I'm working on cutting out a Random Reflections (it would be TOO easy to use precuts!) and helping my niece make her first quilt flimsy, which she wants to finish by the time she leaves here on Saturday!

  5. I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't want a GO! I don't have room for more gadgets and I really like cutting. At least this means I'm staying out of the contests, so y'all have a bit more of a chance. ;)

  6. I am *loving* your hexagon quilt :) So pretty.

    I have an Accuquilt Go and it's AWESOME! The only thing is I want more dies - ergh!! It'll have to wait. But it sure is fun to play around with :)

  7. loves the freebird fabric too but tried to use it in rachel's pinwheel sampler and sort of felt the same way to small of area for such a busy fabric. But yours looks good because it has more area. Keeping my fingers crossed you get the Go cutter@! :) have a great day.

  8. I love your hexagon quilt! I an see what you mean about all the patterns and small spaces but it really does look good!

  9. finish your hex quilt!!! ...and then you can come over & play with my accucut go!


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