Friday, July 30, 2010

Here A Giggle, There A Giggle

It's Friday!!!!! That in it self is is worth shaking your pom poms. :) 

It's nearing step two of the Charm Pack Quilt Along! How far is everyone? Didn't know about the quilt along? No worries. You can join in at any time!! Just click on the link and it will take you to all the information, including a PDF copy of the first step!

The next step will be posted on Sunday, August 1st! Be there or be square, or round... hee hee ;) 

I couldn't very well be behind on my own QAL so tonight I trimmed all 150 of my half square triangles. Let me just say, my arm hurts like a bugger! LOL! That's a lot of trimming! So worth it though. I wouldn't do HST any other way. They will match up so nicely!

Hopefully some of you will have piles that look like this now:
Trimmed HST

Don't forget to add your photos to the Flickr Pool if you'd like so we can see how everyone is progressing, because we will all progress, right? ;)

Ok, I have two videos I'd like to share. The first is very short, but I laugh everytime I see it. The video capability on the iPhone 4 is one of my favourite features. :)

It's a video of one of the kittens I rescued. Her name is Odyssey. Yes, that's me in the background laughing..LOL!

This next video. It just makes me smile, and as of right now, this is my favourite song. It's even my ringtone. :)

We all have something beautiful in our lives.....

Needtobreathe - Something Beautiful

Much Love!!!


  1. Gotta love Needtobreathe! I went to college with those guys, and they were always coming back to the area to give concerts. They're awesome!

  2. I loved the kitty vidoe clip very cute. I have really enjoyed looking over your blog. You make lovely quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just found you and I'm going to play along in the charm fun!!

    Thanks for putting it together.

    And that kitten is too cute! I was they stayed kittens longer!

  4. Your kittys first lesson in "All things in moderation", lol. I hope she doesn't learn it too quick, love seeing the antics of kittens and pups. Enjoyed the other vid too. I don't listen to the radio or anything much any more although I love, love, love music, so I don't have a clue what is out there these days. Would love to have some recomendations for modern Christian music too(who ever may read this). I really want to do your QAL but am trying to make myself finish some projects that are piling up around here. Thanks for sharing your inspirations :o) Blessings

  5. What a lovely song... I love finding new music, i spend hours spamming my facebook wall with youtube music videos ..hehehe maybe i will have to blog them too :)

  6. mine are all sewn...
    and today they got pressed... now they just need a trim... is there someone i can hire to do that?


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