Thursday, July 8, 2010

Everyone Loves A Parade

Oh how I love parades!! When I saw that In Stitches was going to be doing the Finished Friday parade, I knew exactly which quilt I was going to send her! Can you guess? :) 
Want to participate too? I know you do..!! Head on over and check out the deets and send an email with your submission. Easy as pie! If it's strawberry pie, please save me a piece..hee hee :) 

Another little somethin' somethin' I wanted to share....Anna over at Crafty Girls Workshop is going to kit my Random Reflections quilt!!! You can pre-order Fandango from her if you want to do it in that, or you can choose from any of the other Jelly Rolls in her shoppe! Yay!! Thanks Anna!!! 

This has been a very exciting week and I'm lovin' it! !!

Much Love!!!


  1. Congratulations on the kits KL, that is totally fantastic - Mandy and I were chatting about random reflections and saying how much we both totally love it - it's so simple but so clever too.

  2. Congrats on the kit! You deserve it!:)

  3. I am loving doing this quilt in the Honey Buns! I'll have to check out the kit or Jelly Rolls. My daughter said she would like this quilt bigger and I told it was bigger, she loves it so I know I'll be doing it in the Jelly Roll too.

  4. I'm doing the happy dance for you!! Planning my sneak

  5. You know I meant to spell attack


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