Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Did Someone Say Shopping?

I know it's Tuesday and normally I would do a tip for you all....


I'm not going to because I have some more exciting news for you!! *whoop* 

crafty girls button

I received an email today from Anna at Crafty Girls Workshop who was pretty excited about my Charm Pack Quilt Along! Guess what!?? She was so excited that she is going to offer all of YOU 10% off any of the charm packs in her shop!! **Whooop** 
Guess what??!! Her charm packs are on sale right now too!! So....you get the charm packs for $6.50  each, PLUS the 10% discount!! **Whooop**

Guess what??!! Yep...there's more!!! Not only is she going to offer you 10% off the already on sale charms, she is going to take 10% off your ENTIRE ORDER!!! Anything in her shop!! Go ahead....give me a *whoop*whoop*!! LOL!

This means that you can get ALL your supplies for this quilt along ON SALE!!  Here are the direct links for Charms and yardage!! 

This also means if you want to get the jelly rolls to make my Moda Bake Shop quilt, you can get those on sale too!!!! I can just see this quilt in 12 Days of Christmas!! Ohhhhh.... :) 

So here's the deets: Head on over to Crafty Girls Workshop, fill up that cart till it's overflowing and at check out, use the coupon code CHARM to get your 10% off your ENTIRE cart full of goodies!! You have until the end of July to use this code at Anna's store. THANKS ANNA!!!! 

Let's all give her a **WHOOP**WHOOP**...hahhahah! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to email Anna or me.

Have fun shopping!! 

Much Love!!!


  1. *whoop*whoop* Way to go, Karrie!!!!

  2. Well....I decided I'm in! Ordering my fabrics now!

  3. Wow! "HURRY UP PAYPAL MONEY" waiting for my dumb transfer to show up in paypal so I can buy goodies :)


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