Sunday, July 4, 2010

Charm Pack Quilt Along - Supplies

I hope everyone is having a relaxing 4th of July so far!! Please remember to stay safe tonight and enjoy the fireworks!

I am really excited about this quilt along and happy to have you join in with me! If you have any questions along the way, please let me know. I will go step by step so even beginners can join in! 

The supplies listed will be for a quilt that will be approximately 72" X 72" before washing. You can make it smaller or larger depending on your own preference. However, going smaller will limit you on layouts.

  • 3 charm packs (minimum of 40 charms each)
  • 3 1/2  yards in a solid. This will be for your blocks and the 1st 2" inside border. OR you can also use 3 Moda Bella Solid Charm Packs and get an additional 2/3 yard for the 1st inner border.
  • Border 2 - 1 yard in print of choice
  • 4 yards backing
  • 5/8 yards for binding (includes enough for bias binding)
  • batting
Note: You have multiple options here with out using charm packs. You can use a layer cake cut down to 5" pieces. Or you can use fabric in your stash. You will just need to cut your fabrics into 5" squares first.

If you go with one of these options and want to have your squares cut before I post the first set of directions, start off by having 75 "charms" cut out. You will need more than that, but for step one you will only need 75.  

Here are a few of the layouts I came up with using just this one block. Pretty cool huh?
So, gather up your supplies, cut into your fabric if you need to and I will be back in two weeks with the first set of directions. Hopefully two weeks will be enough time for everyone to obtain the materials needed. 

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Much Love!!!


  1. Happy 4th to you Karrie! Funny I was over trying to get your button on my blog & I clicked to your blog and see the list & button, ha ha! So I am off to try to get the button posted, again.

    I am liking the stuff you can do with EQ7! I may have to get one eventually!

  2. Thanks Karrie -
    I love the various layouts that you have come up with. I will have fun looking fo my "supplies".

    Looking forward to getting started!

  3. Hi, Karrie! I'll be quilting along with you on this one - it's a great way to get another quilt in progress! Love the button, too!! It's like bling for your blog......

  4. yay i like the second one down on the right!!

  5. that top left one might pull me in. very cute Karrie! :)

  6. I don't want to officially sign up but I want to try. This would be my first quilt besides a baby quilt. But I love charm packs and have some. Where is the best place to find backing? Is it just any fabric you like? Sorry if I sound dumb lol.

  7. This looks like a fun quilt! I'm going to watch for a couple of weeks and see if I can finish up a few other projects first. I love all the layouts!

  8. Sounds fun! Now the hard part... what fabric to use? Hubby gave me a FQ bundle of Tranquility for my birthday, maybe I'll cut charm squares out of it. And I think my LQS still has some yardage that I can pick up for borders and binding.

  9. Hi Karrie! Looking forward to the quiltalong. If any, how many of the intial 75 "charms" are white? Thanks

  10. I love all the layouts! I have my layer cake ready to cut this week!
    You are so sweet to do this!

  11. Hey Karrie,
    I am excited to pick out my fabrics for your quilt along. I dunno ROYGIV anyone? Am I understanding correctly that you will need an equal amount of solid charm squares as you do prints? Thanks!

  12. Slowly getting sucked into this one, Sarah's block was fun and easy. Love the 1st and 2nd on the left. Could this be done with a jellyroll and 2 charm packs?

  13. I just ordered 3 charm packs of Happy by Me and My Sister from I really like the top left quilt design.

  14. Oh no! Like I need another quilt along! IM TOTALLY IN! Must got shopping for charm packs now :) Teehee

  15. thanks for the QAL and cute button, added to my blog and will spread the words among my local quilting friends. not sure yet which layout i'd go for however I'll be using my fabric stash since I'm on stash diet wagon! LOL

  16. I am hooked Karrie so count me in! 2 weeks should give me plenty of time to get my supplies ready. See you then!! I'll make sure to add the button.

  17. Okay, that second down on the left did it for me! I guess I'm in, although I know joining another quilt along is evidence that I need to be committed!

    How many weeks do you plan on this one lasting?
    How many charms of the solid do we need to get going? Is it 75 like the print charms?

    Thanks for giving us a couple weeks to get things together, and most of all,
    thank you so much for hosting this!

  18. I participated in a 5" block exchange in the quilt guild I belonged to in Germany, and have a gazillion 5" squares I could use for this. Do I just pick some at random, or do I want to have matching squares, or coordinating squares, or contrasting squares, or what? I'm new to this, and totally confused. And can I wait until later to pick out my fabrics for the border and backing? I'd love to participate, but as you can tell, I'm a little anxious and scared.


  19. Sounds great! I am just finishing up on my first quilt along... I started it about a month after it was done. It will be fun to do one with everyone else! So... if I am buying charm packs how many would you recommend buying?

  20. Count me in! This looks like a fun one!

  21. ARGH! Darn you! I wish you hadn't posted all the different lay outs! Now I may have to join in! Hmmmmmm. Maybe I'll cut into the beloved Neptune.

  22. I absolutely do not need one more thing to do, but I've got three packs of Freebird just begging me to be used. I think I'll justify by making a gift for my mom :) The layout choices are fantastic!

  23. I know I'm late getting to this party, but saw this QA linked from someone else, LOL. I have a bunch of half square triangle of Breakfast at Tiffany's sitting here from another quilt, and AHA! This will do perfectly! I just need to pick up another charm pack and I can get on the 4 patch blocks! Thank you so much for sharing!

  24. Karrie - Do you have .pdf files for Charm Pack Quilt Along steps other than 1 and 2? I got in at the end. The pattern is super and has so many layouts.


  25. Hi Karrie, I know I'm late. I can only get the supply list. I sure would like to make that zig zag one. How do I get the steps? thanks



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