Sunday, July 18, 2010

Charm Pack Quilt Along - Step One

Ohhhhh...It's time! Are you ready? Do you have your charm packs and your solid to match? 

Yes? Alright! Let's get started!

**Edited to add the link to download the PDF if you'd like: Click HERE. :)

We need 75 charms in a print, and 75 "charms" in a solid. 

1.  First you need to cut your solid fabric into 5" strips. You will need 10 strips for this first step. (If you are using charm packs in the solid, you can skip to step 3)

2.  Now sub-cut these strips into 5" squares. Once you are done cutting, you will have 80 squares. You only need 75 for this step, but put the extra 5 aside because you will use them in the next step.

3.  On the WRONG side of your solid fabric, you will need to draw a line from corner to corner. 
4.  Next, place a white square RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER with a print square and sew a 1/4" seam on either side of the line you drew on the white square. 
5.  Now cut along that line you drew. 
6.  Press to the dark side. Yield two Half Square Triangles. (HST)
7. We need to get these HST trimmed down to 4.5" square. Don't be afraid. I'm going to show you how :) It's easy! 

8.  You will need a ruler that is at least 5" square. If you have a larger one, that will work just fine. It doesn't have to be square either, just so that you have two sides that are at least 5". 

9.  Position your HST as shown below and line up the 45 degree angle line that is on your ruler, with the seam line on your HST. 
10. Looking at the photos as reference, you will need to make sure of a few things before you start cutting. We want to trim these HST to 4.5". To do this, you need to make sure that you have part of the fabric that extends a touch beyond the 4.5" marks on your ruler to the left side, and on the bottom, as well as over hang beyond the ruler on the right side and top. 
11. Once your HST is set up like the photo above, you can go ahead and trim the extra fabric on the right side, and at the top. 
12.  Two sides down, two more to go. Rotate your block 180 degrees. In other words, when you rotate your block, the corner that was originally at the top right, will now be at the bottom left. 

Line up the fabric on the left and the bottom with the 4.5" marks on your ruler. Trim the right and top again. 
13. You should now have a perfect 4.5" HST. :)

That's it!! Do this for each of your 75 pairs, which will yield 150 HST. 

The quilt I am making will end up approximately 72" squared and has 25 blocks. Each block for this quilt needs 6 HST, so if you are making your quilt larger or smaller than I am, you can make as many HST as you need. Just take your total number of blocks multiplied by 6 to find out how many HST you will need. :)

This sounds like a lot, but it goes quite quickly, especially if you chain piece when  you are sewing your two squares together. 

Even so, I will give you all two weeks to complete this step before I write out the next step. I will see you back here for this quilt along on August 1st. 

I also have a Flickr group. Feel free to add your photos of the fabric you are using and/or your finished HST. :) I'd love to see everyone's progress. You can find the group by clicking HERE

Always know, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments (please include your email so I can respond to you) or you can email me directly HERE

Don't forget...have fun with this!! :D 

Much Love!!!


  1. Looks good, Karrie! Nice tutorial on how to trim those HSTs, too! Thanks for the two-week timeline - I may need every bit of that!

  2. So excited to start! I'm glad you have us two weeks though. The store only sent me part of my charms! I've got one pack of prints and all the solids, so here I am behind before we even get going. Oh well, I'll mark all my solid squares and sew up what I can, and keep my fingers crossed the rest of my order gets shipped soon!

    Thanks again for doing this!

  3. This is such a great quiltalong KL. I love how you adapted the blocks to make it work with charm packs - very clever. Looking forward to seeing all those quilts appear on your flickr page. And I shouldn't pick favourites but random reflections really is one of the best moda bake shop quilts - I think it's genius - simple but striking and, as you said, every one will be different. And, while I'm chatting away - isn't our bee amazing - not one person has just "made a block" for you - every single person has turned out something really amazing.

  4. Hey Karrie,
    Sorry to write this here and do a self promotion in your blog comments, but we have the Fandango jelly rolls now! (plus charms and layer cakes) we also have the bella solid Snow Jelly roll so if anyone wants to stop by and grab the supplies for Random Reflections with that 10% discount they still have time. I'll post an actual "Kit" sometime today. Just wanted to let you know and I couldn't find your e-mail. Great patterns!


  5. Exciting. I have the charm packs of Happy from Me and My Sisters Designs. I won't be here for the next set of instructions due to vacation time. I will be making this quilt slower but I am happy.

  6. I see I have a lot of cutting to do! Oh and a lot of sewing@

  7. I've got my squares cut... can't wait to start sewing!

  8. I saw your site and would love to join your Charm Pack Quilt Along.

  9. Ok...I'm not sure how I ended up here but I'm sure glad I did! I am really interested in learning more about quilting and I absolutely love charm packs.
    Being in Australia and using the metric system, I tried to do a quick conversion to work out the finished size of the quilt...72 inches is only 3 inches off the height of my husband (who is 6'3")...does that sound right? That will be quite a large quilt, perhaps about Queen bed size? I'm just trying to visualise it in real terms! I'm not sure I'm up to making such a large quilt to start with. For example, how long did it take you to make these 150 HSTs? Wow, even saying that sentence makes me feel tired! :D
    You probably hate questions like this, but if I wanted to use, say, one charm pack, would I automatically divide all the measurements, blocks and so on by 3? Or wouldn't that work?

    Whatever happens I'll be watching with interest, to see how you make all these cut shapes into something fabulous! Thank you for your time and generosity in putting this together for us!

  10. I like this charm pack pattern, and am so happy to find your instructions. They are really well written.
    And I am glad to see you trimming down and having the corners over the edges. I tried to make triangle blocks on my own last month and thought I was doing something wrong. (well, I did when I trimmed before I pieced) Thanks!

  11. hi, thank you for sharing. Could you please show the finishes quilt? where can I find the project to sew together this peaces? thank you. hugs from italy

  12. New to sewing and I am loving the 5" charm packs!

    Would a 4.5" ruler do the job a bit quicker as I can just lay it down and zip around the block with rotary cuter?


  13. New to sewing and I am loving the 5" charm packs!

    Would a 4.5" ruler do the job a bit quicker as I can just lay it down and zip around the block with rotary cuter?



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