Saturday, June 26, 2010

Not The Grass!!!!

My niece and nephew (2.5 and nearly 1 years old) were visiting this last week from Arizona and I went to spend the day with them today since they are leaving tomorrow to go back. 

They are growing up entirely too fast for my taste and since I don't get to see them very often, they change so much each time I see them. Maddie will actually give me hugs now and tells me she loves me. She used to be really shy since she didn't see me too much. She is just a doll. We call her DQ now... Drama Queen..hee hee. It's the age, I swear! 

Callaghan...he is my little smiley boy. He is just the happiest kid I've ever seen and I can make him giggle so easily. He just makes my heart happy! 

He has one little quirk about him though....he HATES the grass!!  We went swimming today and when we were about to leave his dad asked me if I knew about Cal and the grass. I'm like, "huh?". So he sets him in the grass and he shrieks! Not a little...but enough that everyone around us was staring at us. His dad just laughed and let him scream so I grabbed him I've never seen anything like it. When we got back to the house I wanted to see if he'd do it again, only this time I wanted to get it on video. 

Notice how his dad is holding him and he's smiling, so he's not in a sour mood at all. Happy kid... until....

**Note: No children were hurt during the filming of this video...which was done on my new iPhone 4! Woo Hoo! :D

This video makes me laugh every time! I've never seen anything like it! Granted, he IS from Arizona and they don't really have grass so he is not exposed to it, but still. Silly boy!

I hope all of you are having a great weekend! I know I am! A great visit and I'm getting a few other things done that I will be able to share soon! :)

Much Love!!!


  1. Thats so funny. My first son was the same way - he finally got to the point that he'd tolerate sitting on the grass but would keep his skin off it. To this day (he's almost 4) he won't go on the grass without shoes on! Silly kids.

  2. This is little nephew was the same way!

  3. How cute - but I relate more to the DQ - I have one of those around my house most of the time too, same age!! The drama never ends!!! Our latest complaint? "But I n-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-d it!!!!

  4. Oh my gosh.hahahaah.a...poor baby!! He is so cute!!
    Your video on that phone is awesome.

  5. i always knew that i could put our youngest on a blanket in the grass and he would NOT venture off of it. he eventually got over it;) for him i think it was a sensitive skin issue, he really hated how it felt.

  6. That is hysterical. I know that my kids and grandkids always took awhile to get used to the grass. They would lift every extremity not needed to maintain a balance.

  7. wow - that is some impressive screaming!! what a cutie-patootie! oh, and that does it - I'm definitely getting that new iPhone!!

  8. I just had to comment on your video of your nephew. My 1 year old granddaughter doesn't really like grass, either. However, I am from Arizona and we really DO have grass!!! Lots of it! All year long, since we never have snow to cover it up.

    I also love your quilts!


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