Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bee Splendid Sign Ups!

*** Sign Ups are CLOSED*** 

Hello and welcome to the Bee Splendid quilting bee sign ups!! 

As promised, here are the details and specifics. I need 15 people for a complete bee, that will be 16 including myself. If I get enough people to sign up, I will coordinate two. If there are not 15 people interested, we will see what we can work out. :) 

Not sure exactly what a "bee" is? A bee is a group of participants where each month one participant is the "host". As a host you will select a block that you want everyone in the bee to make for you. Then you will choose the fabrics you want your blocks made in, divide and send the fabrics to each of the other participants so they can make your block. Once they are done, they send it back to you for you to have a complete quilt top!! This is great for those blocks that you really love, but maybe you don't want to make all the blocks yourself.  That doesn't mean it has to be that way, as you can choose whatever you want. Just be sure that the block you choose, you wouldn't mind making yourself. 

This site has a lot of great information on quilting bees too. --> Quilting Bee Blocks

 Ok, here is what I was thinking:
  • This bee will last for 16 months. Each participant will be assigned a month. Please indicate on the below form if you have a preference or if there is a month you do not want.  We will skip December since it is usually a busy month for us all.
  • When it is your month to host, you will advise if you want one or two blocks to be made by the other bee members. 
  • Once you decide how many blocks you want us all to make, and which block you want us to make,  you will need to send enough fabric to each participant to make those blocks for you and indicate if you want your scraps back or if the bee members can keep them. 
  • As the bee Host you will pay postage to send the fabrics.
  • As the participants, you will pay the cost to mail the blocks back to the host. 
  • Deadlines and such will be set up once the group is formed.
  • I have created a Flickr group where we will have all communication for this Bee.
  • I would prefer participants that have active flickr accounts and/or blogs. Only because this is a long commitment and I want to make sure everyone is included and all blocks for each person are received. I want to make sure we have active sewers participating. :)
I am also thinking that we could start in July. Any volunteers for July would be great!! :)

If you want to join, please fill out the below form and we'll get this party started!! :)

Bee Splendid quilting bee sign ups form. 

Much Love!!!


  1. Woohoo, Karrie! I'm so excited - my first quilting bee! I may have a local friend who wants to participate too - she's thinking about it. Hopefully she'll join us!! And I'll start looking at block patterns, in case you need me to do July....

  2. Well alrighty I am so excited about doing this Bee! I always look at the other bees and am so impressed and would like to participate. Thanks KarrieLyne for hosting "Bee Splendid".

    P.S. I so love the name!

  3. Do you have specifics as to styles, etc of people joining?

    I'm definitely interested...
    Is there going to be a blog, or just a flickr group?

  4. I just filled out the form. I am super excited about doing this - Thanks for hosting & I look forward to getting started!


  5. i am interested but i don't have a flickr account is this a problem? Susan

  6. Hi Susan!! Please contact me via email at and we can talk about it :)


    We have 6 peeps so far! I'm really excited about this bee too! It will be amazing to show off all 16 quilts by the end of this! Yay!

    Who else is in ?

  7. Oh yay, just sent my form! I have some months that I marked out because we're moving cross-country! So excited for this bee Karrie! :)

  8. Sent in my form ;)

  9. Hi, Karrie, I'm Carrie! I am a member of the Fresh Comfort Bee, and I love it so much, I'd love to join yours too. Check out Fresh Comfort on Flickr if you'd like to see what I've done so far.

  10. Just signed up I'm so excited!!!!

  11. Just signed up! I hope I get in :) Would be very excited to be in a bee!

  12. Sarah R at wmgrads@earthlink.netJune 6, 2010 at 5:16 PM

    I am so excited to sign up. I don't have a flicker account yet but plan to start one soon. I may even try blogging later in the year. Let me know if you need more info from me. Sarah

  13. How did I miss the signups?!? If someone backs out, let me know!


  14. have fun with your bee!! one day i want to be in a bee with you....


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