Saturday, May 8, 2010

Show And Tell

I feel like I'm back in kindergarten on the day of Show and Tell. Remember? You'd get so excited to share what you brought in that you just couldn't wait for your turn!! I have never been more excited about a quilt and I'm delighted to finally be able to share her in her entirety with you. :)

Completed Pinwheel Quilt
**Began on February 21, 2010 and completed on May 3, 2010**

Isn't she beautiful?! Here are a few more shots closer up to show the straight line quilting better. 

x Quilting on Pinwheel Quilt 2

Quilting on Pinwheel Quilt

Below is a basic diagram of how I straight line quilted this quilt.  I did it in quadrants, but looking back, I could have made it so much more easier on myself by doing the complete "V" shape for each pass instead of trying to connect them all in each quadrant. Lesson learned. I LOVE the look of the straight line quilting but you get one little line off it can cause havoc. There is one place on my quilt where it isn't really "pretty" but unless you look for it, you'd never see it. Please don't!

You can see a larger photo of the entire quilt HERE. It shows the quilting a bit better but still in full size. :)

You also might notice how the block background fabric is a wee bit darker than the sashing. It wasn't on purpose. When Rachel first posted this quilt along, I wasn't going to do it. (*GASP*!! Can you imagine if I hadn't?!) When I decided that I was, because it really did look fun, I only bought 3 yards of the solid. When I realized that I was going to make mine bigger than what was going to be in the quilt along, I knew I'd have to buy more of that fabric. I purchased from the same place, same color (Moda Natural) however it must have been from a different bolt because the color of the second batch was lighter. I was a bit upset at first (not at the shoppe) because I wanted it to be all the same, but after quilting it and taking the photos, I think it helps the blocks pop out a bit more and I {heart} it!  I really really really {heart} it! :)

When Rachel finished her first pinwheel quilt, she said this, "like i've literally been like linus and everything."  I now understand exactly what she meant! I've already warned the kids not to touch mommys quilt...LOL!

Kudos to Rachel and many many many thanks to her for all her hard work and making this quilt possible!

Much Love!!!


  1. Your quilt and quilting turned out wonderful! I think you have inspired me to quilt mine with a cross hatch design! Great work!

  2. OMGoodness!!! I love pinwheels and thought about doing the pinwheel quiltalong, but the blocks didn't really grab me. Having seen yours, I'm definitely going to have a go. I understand why you love yours so, it's gorgeous, I heart it too!
    Well done, enjoy and keep chasing those pesky kids away! LOL :-)

  3. This is beautiful! I just found you at Lily's Quilts blog where I signed up for her Fresh Modern Bee too... and I live in Illinois too! Looking forward to swapping blocks with you :)

  4. This is just gorgeous. Yes, Rachel did a tremendous job designing this, but your quilting is OUTSTANDING and what *makes* this quilt, I think. Nicely done!

  5. OH MY GOSH!!! I love looking at the big picture of this quilt, it's more amazing than the little pictures!! I have no idea how you quilted that!!! I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!!

  6. Very pretty! I love the fabrics and some of the pinwheels are different than the quilt along. I like the quilting too!

  7. this is some of the most amazing quilting I've seen in a long time.

    I love it all. Bravo... bravo.

  8. It's just beautiful KarrieLyne! What a creative way to quilt it!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the additional blocks you included too. Mine's on hold until next month, but I'm eager to get back to it and finish.

  10. i gotta be honest... that i never thought any pinwheel quilt was gonna be half as cool as rachel's original.. {it doesn't hurt that i got to play a role by quilting it!} but this quilt.. is amazing. i'm super proud of you!!!

  11. it's really beautiful and I love the straight line quilting - I've been stuck in a stippling rut, and this might give me the push to try something different! great job!

  12. Gorgeous!! Love the colors and I know that quilting took you some time!

  13. being like linus is SO in right now.

  14. Karrielyne,
    Your quilt is absolutely beautiful!

    In fact, I am coveting your very center square. I've seen it on some other of our pinwheel quilts, but haven't been able to locate a patter. Do you have a source?



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