Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nature's Teacher

I have this tree in my front yard and I love it so. It's beautiful because it is a deep plum color and every spring it blooms these wondrous dainty pink flowers. I wait for it every year. Anticipate it. Wait some more. Then it happens. Those sweet baby flowers emerge and cover the entire tree. I only get to enjoy this vision for about a week. At that point the petals start to fall and all that is left is a pretty purple tree. 
One week out of fifty two. It's one of nature's teachers. It teaches you to enjoy the things you have when you have them. To appreciate it then and now, because you never know when it will be gone.
Day 104 - Flowering Plum Tree

Speaking of appreciation....I never thought in a million years that connecting with people over the internet would be a lasting endeavor. At one time in my life I always wondered how you could connect with someone that you've never met in person. Over the years, time and time again, its been proven  to me that you can. Different connections with different types of people. Some short lived. Some that have lasted years. No matter the time, they are moments cherished. 
Someone that recently came into my life via the intrawebs is Jeannie. It all started on Flickr over pancakes and cinnamon rolls, which still cracks me up.  She is one of the sweetest people I "know" and she is very dear to me. Compassionate, caring, kind, cheerful and quite an inspiration. I think she'd tell you that I was the enabler of the two of us, but I just might disagree. ;)

Thank you, Jeannie, for making me smile each and every day! You truly are a gem! :)

Just to show how sweet she is....lookie what I got in the mail today from her! The inspiration, I think, was because I got her hooked on the Keurig. Ok, maybe I am a wee bit of an enabler... hee hee :)
Bag From Lv2Create

Much Love!!!


  1. Jeannie truly is super sweet! I recently met her on Flickr too :-) I heart the online sewing community!

  2. You ladies are awesome! I love, love, love my coffee machine you hooked me on, not to mention the quilt I think this weekend I have to get back to the cinna buns! She is going to be in Orlando next month and I hope to drop by at the book store and see her.

  3. She is so sweet. I too met her on Flickr through the Potholder Pass and she makes me smile each day.

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