Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's A Thug Story

I've never really been one for rap music. Some of it is ok and some of it I love, but most times I pass. 

This may be old news but I saw it for the first time the other night. I just might like rap more if all the songs were like this....

I just cannot help but crack up... T-Swizzie...oh..and that "Big Ass Chain"...LOL! 

I {heart} Taylor Swift, and maybe now I even like T-Pain a wee bit more too. :)

Much Love!!!

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  1. I love this video-I saw it right after it aired. I love Taylor Swift too and my girls do too. She's adorable. This was from when she was on SNL and all the other things she did on the show were funny too (the ones I saw anyway). She has a great sense of humor.


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