Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sneak Peeks

Today was another gorgeous day! Apparently it is supposed to snow on Sunday. I refuse to believe that it will get cold again and I will do everything in my power to make it stay warm. **waves wand....and wiggles nose**. :)

Ok, enough evil thoughts of snow and on to much better things....

I have been itching to design something of my own. It didn't necessarily matter what the item was, I just wanted to give it a go and see what I could do. There really is no right or wrong way to design. It's like art. It's unique to you and as long as you like it then it's all good. It's an extra special bonus if someone else likes it too. 

So the other day I pulled out my notebook of graph paper and started sketching. I drew out a few designs but kept going back to one in particular. The one that had pinwheels. Go figure. I played around with the design until I was pleased, changed it once more, then went back to the one before the last. Are you confused yet? LOL. It's ok. I know what I'm doing. Sort of.  I am so glad that math was my best and favourite subject. You really do use that stuff out of school..heh!

Here is a sneak peak. It's just one wee little piece of the project, and I really mean wee because the block measures only 2.5" square!! It's definitely a challenge working this small but I think it will turn out really cute. However, if it doesn't, will you lie to me and tell me you love it anyway? Haha...just kidding. Please don't lie to me. It's not very nice.... just politely tell me "Karrie, that really sux!". ;)

Day 76 - Secret Project

Another thing on my mind lately is Barenaked Ladies. No, do not let your minds wander there, I mean the band. :) They are releasing a new album at the end of this month but have been playing one of the songs from it called Run Away. Ever since a friend of mine introduced me to them, (Thanks CB!) I've loved their songs. Well, most of them. They are a very unique band and have a very silly side as well as a very serious side. I just like them and I like this song. The video is a bit strange, but pleasing just the same. 

Until later....

Much Love!!!

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  1. Well it sounds like you have two good things going on here! I can't wait to see and I'll be the first to try:)
    You got me joining the Jelly Roll thingie! My blocks are cut out and I'll put them together tomorrow. Also if my comment profile is messed up it's because I was playing with it today and I have no idea what I did :)


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