Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Hammer Time

Bug loves being in scouts. He gets to do all the things that boys love. Hiking, camping, building, hunting, fishing, and a million other "boy" things. 

Tonight at his den meeting the boys made bird houses. He was so excited. I think it was more of the fact that he was going to get to use a hammer and it wouldn't have mattered what it was they were building. That must be a boy thing. That a hammer in the hand makes you feel all big and manly.

It was actually fun sitting there with him, holding the pieces and guiding him through it., watching his face light up and high-fiving him when he was finished.  He did every bit of the hammering and he was so proud. He only hit his thumb twice and still has all of his fingers. Lucky for me, so do I. 

I chuckled at him when at one point I was holding the nail for him. He looked at me and said, "Mom, let me hold that. I don't wanna hit your fingers.". Awww....Only 8 and looking out for his momma already. 

We were the first ones done. Not because he was rushing or doing a bad job. We just worked together well and he was determined. I think I even got a few "howthehelldidyoufinishsofast?" looks from all the dads that were there. Apparently they were surprised that I could build. Yes, anything you can do, I can do to. :)

Here he is, showing off his masterpiece.

Day 46 - Bugs Birdhouse

I'm glad you had so much fun building it! :)

Much Love!!!

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