Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Love Day

Happy Valentine's Day sweeties! 

This holiday is kind of a hokey one in my opinion. Another Hallmark Holiday where more flowers and jewelery are purchased than any other time of the year. A marketing scheme, if you will.  

It shouldn't take a specified day for us to make an effort to tell someone that we love them or to do something special. We should be doing that all year long. That is part of loving someone, right? Making them feel special and loved, all the time?  Besides, if you want to surprise a loved one, why do it on the same day everybody else is? Make it a surprise. A real one that is totally unexpected. Those are the ones that generate the bestest and warmest fuzzies! :)

Don't get me wrong. I don't hate this day. I love to see all the fun things that come out and it's the only time of year I can get my conversation heart fix. Which this year some imposter came along and made some really gross ones and I couldn't find any by Brachs so I didn't get my fix this year. *sigh*. Anyone have any extras they wanna send my way? **crosses fingers**

Also, please do not think by any means that I am telling you to ignore this holiday, because I am definitely NOT telling you that. Even if it's hokey, it's still nice when you remember.... ;)

Love is the same, in any language! 
Much Love!!!

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