Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can't Fight This Feeling

Lately I've had the itch to go to concerts. In my lifetime, I haven't been to very many. Less than I can count on both hands. It was just something I didn't do. I don't really know why but times are changing and I'm hooked. Nothing like a live concert. 

Last night I went to 38 Special, REO Speedwagon with headliner Styx. 

38 Special was a hoot. Donnie is quite a character and knows how to get a crowd going and the lineup was awesome!!! 
38 Special
Sweet Backdrop

Donnie Van Zant & Danny Chauncey
Just jammin!

Bobby Capps
Awesome on keys and has amazing hair. Only certain guys can pull off long hair. He is one of them :)

Now, I grew up with REO's music. It was one of the few bands that my dad listened to that I actually I remember begging him to play REO because he always played Pink Floyd. Granted, I love Pink Floyd now (thanks dad!).

REO Speedwagon
The gang's all here.

Kevin Cronin
Kevin, you still got it!

Kevin Cronin
He's getting up there in age but he still rocks it out! Nice moves KC!

Headlining was Styx. I honestly don't know a ton of their songs but I very much enjoyed the performance and the music. A very talented group of men! OMG..their drummer is crazy nuts and he makes some very interesting faces as he's!

JY - Styx

Styx Group Shot
Their energy level skyrocketed all night!

Ricky Phillips
Ricky Phillips. He has amazing hair too. 
Do you see him? He's blowing me a kiss. Ok, maybe he's not, but I'd like to think so :)

Lawrence Gowan
This shot was taken for one reason, and one reason only. It was a tight shot ;)

Day 55 - Mullet?
Now this guy CANNOT sport long hair very well. Thank goodness he was just supporting the 80's theme with a!

All I can say is that it was an amazing night and besides all the fun, singing, dancing, screaming, and sweating, I even got a Styx drum stick, complete with beat marks and sweat (thanks to my hubby...hee hee). There was a fight for it, but it's mine all mine! Sorry lady, but you didn't have a chance! Ha!

Much Love!!!

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