Sunday, January 31, 2010

Something Blue

My daughter is in a book club at school and they are reading The Lightning Thief right now. They also do this during lunch time, so it is totally voluntary. Can you tell she loves to read? That's my girl!

The teacher leading the club told them that on Tuesday they need to wear blue and see how many things they can bring in their lunch that is blue. The one with the most, gets a prize. We were brainstorming and came up with a few basic ideas and then I had an "Ah HA" moment. I told her, "let's make blue bread!". She looked at me like I had a third eye then a grin spread across her face and she was totally with me.

Today, we made blue bread! :)

Seeing Spots
**I think I ended up putting about 50 drops of blue food coloring in the milk!

We Got Blue
**It's definitely blue!

Mix Er Up
**Time to add the flour and mix it up good!

Day 31 - Its Lookin At Me
**The dough was making faces at us. I'm not so sure it liked being =P

Ready To Bake
**Twice to rise and it's still so pretty!

Fresh Out O fThe Oven
**Fresh baked bread makes the house smell soooo good. Even if it is blue :)

Kid Tested
**Kid tested. No, she's not yellow from food poisoning =P

Kid Approved
**Kid totally approves and is sure she is going to get the prize just for having blue bread :)

I'm disappointed those last few photos didn't come out so well. It was getting late and I just couldn't find a spot with good lighting. Oh well, you get the jist.

Now, I know you want to make your own blue bread, you know you do too. Here is a previous post that I did on how I make my bread, the only difference is that you have to add the food coloring to the milk. You could make lots of colors. Ohhh..Rainbow Bread. The possibilities are endless ;)

Much Love!!!

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