Monday, January 25, 2010

Letters We Write

I remember being in school and I would write at least one letter a day, if not 10, to my With today's technology and all the different modalities of sending messages like email, text messaging or even instant messaging, letter writing seems to be a thing of the past. I personally do not remember when the last time was that I actually sat down to write a letter. The only time I really even "write" anything in my own penmanship is to sign a document or to send a note to school or writing out Christmas cards. (Which this year I did not crummy of me huh?)

My grandma is always getting on me about writing to her and I keep telling her to get an email address and she would hear from me all the time. However, they don't even have a computer. *gasp*. Yes I said it. No computer. Ghastly, I Just kidding. I know I should write her more letters but writing an email is so much quicker. Then again, she'd never get it so that's pointless.

Today I sat down to write a few letters. One to a dear friend, and one to my grandma. By the time I was done writing the letter to my friend, my elbow was in pain. Apparently it can't remember the last time I wrote a letter either...hee hee. So, dearest grandma, you will get your letter, I just hope you will be able to read it. My poor penmanship has went down the drain over the years. Totally out of practice. Maybe I should go back to kindergarten. =P

Here's proof (Who needs proof? Well, no one. I just thought it would be a cool picture for my 365 days of photos...hee hee) that I actually DID write a letter, and hopefully I can get in the groove of writing more, by hand, because it is more personal and because I need practice writing. :)

Day 25 - Letters We Write
**Notice the GI-NORMOUS ink pen? My daughter won that the other night and I begged her to let me have it. She is such a good daughter. I might even let her use it once in a! :D

Oh, and on a completely different note. Do you remember about a year or so ago when they had that live stream cam going on the Shiba Inu puppies? Oh-Em-Gee! They are back!! Well, a different litter anyway. How am I supposed to get anything done while having to watch these cutie pies grow up? I dare you to only look once. =P

Video streaming by Ustream

Much Love!!

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