Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby Got Back

It was definitely a long week with out my sewing machine, but I made it, and she's back! Yay! However, now I am sick so I don't entirely even feel like sewing, but last night I spent some time with her catching up on one of my quilt alongs.

Today I had to run to a quilt store nearby and they had just gotten new jelly rolls in. I just could not resist, I mean, with the name of my blog and stuff. It was just calling out to me :)

Day 30 - Whimsy

On another note...I found a reason to like Wal-Mart. They make commercials that make my kids laugh so hard they almost pee their pants. They are even giggling now as I am posting this, which in turn is making me giggle so that I can barely type..LOL. Thank goodness for spell checker!

Much Love!!!

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  1. Cheap entertainment for the kids! And I dont know what a Jelly Roll is - but that whimsy stuff up there looks cool! I dont sew, i'm dangerous enough with a corkscrew.


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